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garrison prep10/26/20204
Legion Clothlegion Cloth crafting mats 10/26/20206
Flowers and Naxx Mats10/26/20203
Legion TailoringAll crafted legion Tailoring items10/26/20203
Legion LeatherworkingAll Legion Leatherworking crafted items 10/26/20202
Legion JewelcraftingAll Legion Jewelcrafting items10/26/20202
Hallow's End Toys & Pets10/26/20209
Legion InscriptionAll crafted items from Legion Inscription 10/26/20204
Cloth: Wrath10/26/20205
Cloth: Burning Crusade10/26/20203
Cloth: Cataclysm10/26/20205
Cloth: Vanilla10/26/20208
All Metal & OreAll Metal & Ore10/26/202016
All container bags10/26/202010
BFA Verzauberung10/26/20208
BFA Stoffe10/26/202012
BFA Juwe10/26/20208