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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
BFA Crafting Reagents07/23/20194
BFA OresBattle for Azeroth mineable ores07/23/20194
Legion Flowers07/23/20192
Vanilla: BoE Armor - MailBoE mail drops from Vanilla.07/23/20199
Inks and pigments07/23/201914
Cooking tiems-pt 307/23/201910
All cooking items-pt 207/23/20198
Cooking items created-pt 107/23/20198
Legion Enchanting Mats07/23/20197
Vanilla BoE Armor - LeatherBoE leather drops from Vanilla.07/22/201910
Benthic Armor07/22/201913
BfA Jewelcrafting: (only) 8.2 crafts07/22/201921
Alchemy Potions07/22/201923
All Mats07/21/201935
Vanilla: BoE Armor - ClothBoE cloth from Vanilla07/21/201913
Vanilla: BoE Armor - Rings/Trinkets/NecksBoE rings, necks, and trinkets that drop in Vanilla content.07/21/20197
Vanilla: BoE Armor - ShieldsBoE shield drops from Vanilla content.07/21/201910
Vanilla BoE Off-HandsBoE off-hand drops from Vanilla content.07/21/20199