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WOTLK Enchanting09/25/2022204
WoTLK Herbs09/25/2022183
LA Auto Destroy09/24/202231
Herbs 1-3751109/24/202289
Mightnight InkMats required for midnight ink09/24/202243
BC Herbs09/23/202288
Mercurial mats09/23/202231
Vanilla Ore09/23/202285
BC Ore09/23/202278
Wotlk Ore09/23/2022211
Wotlk Meta09/23/2022215
TBC Cloth09/23/2022133
Vanilla Cloth09/23/202291
Mote of Group09/22/202274
Ore and Stone09/22/2022105
TBC Cooking RecipesAll cooking recipes added in the Burning Crusade expansion09/22/202269
TBC Blacksmithing PlansAll blacksmithing plans added in the Burning Crusade expansion09/22/202244
TBC Alchemy Recipes09/22/202260