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Pandaria weapon enchants01/31/201824
Tome of Illusion01/31/201831
Blood of Sargeras01/31/201855
Primal Sargerite01/31/201836
Legion BOE Trade Goods- ALL01/30/201889
Cataclysm cloth items added01/29/201838
Wrath of the Lich King added cloth items01/29/201830
Cloth items added in Burning Crusade01/29/201830
Mists of Pandaria Cloth items01/29/201829
Pre-WoD Cloth Crafting MatsAll cloth related items from Vanilla - Mists01/28/201841
Transmog Crafted01/28/201852
WoD herbs01/28/201855
Cata herbs01/28/201848
MoP herbs01/28/201844
WotLK herbs01/28/201843
Vanillaq moonglow ink crafted items01/28/201823
TBC herbs01/28/201838