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Minining 303/02/202115
Minining 203/02/202112
Minining 103/02/202113
TBC ConsumablesConsumables available in classic, used in TBC03/02/202118
All Mats SL03/02/202128
Tin OreTine Ore03/02/202113
Tin OreTine Ore03/02/20216
Copper Ore03/02/20218
Raw Materials03/02/202119
Classic Mage - Raid consumables and mats shopping listThis is a complete shopping list to snipe good prices...03/02/202120
naxx itemsnaxx03/01/202116
Gafas de sol con bisuteríaGafas de sol con bisutería03/01/202112
Gafas de sol con bisuteríaGafas de sol con bisutería03/01/20218
Plate Shoulder03/01/202116
RodsEnchanting Rods02/28/202111
Blacksmithing BFA02/28/202110
Tailoring-Mogs-8BFA Tailoring Mogs02/28/202121