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Naxx consumes11/28/20201
1.3 Cloth11/28/20205
JC rings11/28/202012
SL - Mining11/28/202016
Inspiration 11/28/202012
Darkmoon Cards of ReposeDarkmoon Cards for Healers11/28/202025
Darkmoon Cards of VoracityDarmoon Cards for Melee DPS 11/28/202022
Darkmoon cards of PutresenceDarkmoon cards for Caster DPS11/28/202022
Darkmoon Cards of IndomitableTank Darkmoon Cards11/28/202019
SLands MatsMy SLands Mats11/28/202065
Shadowlands Gems11/27/2020113
Shadowlands Meat11/27/2020150
Shadowlands Meat11/27/202041
Shadowlands Ground Herbs11/27/202088
Shadowlands Herbs11/27/2020219
SL Herb+Mines11/27/202096
Small - Feast11/27/202022