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TBC Blacksmith misc.01/10/202325
Vanilla Blacksmith misc.01/10/202324
Wotlk Engineering Parts01/10/202367
TBC Engineering Parts01/10/202323
Vanilla Engineering Parts01/10/202324
Wotlk Bags Crafted01/10/202363
TBC Bags Crafted01/10/202324
Vanilla Bags Crafted01/10/202328
Wotlk Leather01/10/202388
TBC Leather01/10/202338
Vanilla Leather01/10/202340
Vanilla Metal & Stone01/10/202328
TBC Metal & Stone01/10/202329
Wotlk Metal & Stone01/10/202373
Inscription Inks01/10/202346
Wotlk Cloth and Bolts01/10/202373
TBC Cloth and Bolts01/10/202335
Vanilla Cloth and Bolts01/10/202336
Wotlk Herbs01/10/2023100
TBC Herbs01/10/202349