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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
Selling Potions12/06/201925
Selling Elixirs12/06/201918
Selling Flasks12/06/201917
Vendor Recipe Tailor12/06/201913
Vendor Recipe Enchanting12/06/201914
Vendor Recipe Alch12/06/201913
Twink Weapon 4912/06/201921
Twink Weapon 3912/06/201918
Twink Weapon 2912/06/201921
Twink Weapon 1912/06/201920
T1 BOE12/06/201916
T0 BOE12/06/201911
BFA Jewelcrafting (M)Mats needed for jewelcrafting in BFA including all patches12/06/201933
BFA Tailoring (M)Materials needed for Tailoring in BFA including all patches12/06/201929
BFA SkinningMats obtained through Skinning in BFA including all patches.12/06/201932
BFA FishingFish obtained from the Fishing skill in BFA including all...12/06/201940
BFA CookingMats for BFA cooking, not including Fish12/06/201934
BFA MiningMats obtained through mining in BFA12/06/201940
BFA EnchantingEnchanting Mats for BFA including all patches.12/06/201945
BFA HerbalismRaw mats gathered via herbalism in BFA.12/06/201943