Terms of Use / Privacy Policy

This page describes the terms which you agree to by using the TradeSkillMaster website and / or application. As well as describing how users may use TradeSkillMaster's services, this page also contains information on how TradeSkillMaster will use data which is collected from users. Please read the details below carefully to familiarize yourself with these terms.

Using Our Website

You must follow these simple guidelines when using our website.

  • Do not attempt to access or use our website in any way other than the officially and explicitly permitted manners.
  • Usage of our website in a way which negatively affects other users, the TradeSkillMaster team, or the normal operation of the website itself is strictly prohibited.
  • Anything found on our website shall be considered property of TradeSkillMaster unless otherwise specified and may not be used without the express written consent of the TradeSkillMaster team. This includes any user-submitted information which is made publicly available through our website. Providing links to public pages of our website is encouraged and not limited under these terms.
  • Registering for the website is considered a privilege, not a right. Either you or TradeSkillMaster may end your registration at any time without reason. When your registration is ended, all information pertaining to your account will be promptly removed.

Using Our Desktop Application

The terms below shall be followed when using the TradeSkillMaster desktop application.

  • You must download the application from our website only. Redistribution of the application is forbidden.
  • Any attempt to get around explicitly set restrictions on the application, including via modifying the application itself, is strictly prohibited.
  • You use our application at your own risk. The application is provided as is and without warranty and the TradeSkillMaster team shall not be held responsible for any harm which results from its use.
  • By using the application, you agree to periodic updates being automatically downloaded and applied to the application without your express consent at the time of the update.
  • You must only log into the application with a valid account belonging to you.
  • By using the application, you permit TradeSkillMaster to collect information from your computer as detailed in the "Application Data Usage" section below.

Website Data Usage

We take great care when handling any and all personal (aka user-specific) data which we gather during the registration process. Thus, the following guidelines will be followed.

  • We will never sell any personal data which we collect to any third party or affiliate. Basic account information may be securely shared with affiliates with your express permission only.
  • All personal user-data is considered private and wherever practical, security measures will be implemented to prevent access by those outside of the TradeSkillMaster team.
  • Passwords are securely hashed in accordance with widely-accepted security standards and are never stored in plain-text.
  • We will never send you spam. We will only contact you via email in the case of important information regarding changes to or problems with your account unless you give us express permission to do so otherwise (such as for deal notifications).

Application Data Usage

In order to provide its features, the application requires access to data on your hard drive and communication of your TradeSkillMaster account details and your TradeSkillMaster addon settings with the TradeSkillMaster website. The following points describe how we handle your data.

  • No personally identifiable information (other than WoW account names) is gathered from your hard drive or sent to our website. The application accesses a handful of files in your World of Warcraft directory in order to provide various features and may access other locations only with your express permission.
  • The application may collect and send non-personally identifiable information to the TradeSkillMaster servers for the purpose of tracking usage and/or improving the services which we provide. This may include, but is not limited to, TradeSkillMaster groups, TradeSkillMaster operations, sales statistics, and other addon settings and data.
  • You should be aware that the application does not generally use encryption when communicating with the TradeSkillMaster servers. However, the application never sends your email or password in plain-text (unencrypted) to ensure they can not be sniffed by a nefarious third-party and to ensure the security of your account.

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to sapu94@gmail.com. Last updated on August 9th, 2014.