First of all, thank you for using TradeSkillMaster. The addon, website, and now application are only made possible by the dedicated work of a team of volunteers. While we all sincerely enjoy working on these as a hobby, we do have some expenses. It costs money to run this website which is now hosting the download of the application. We also love to run contests and offer awesome prizes!

So, continue to enjoy TradeSkillMaster, and have fun with the new application. If you feel the application (and/or addon) is useful to you, please donate to support their continued development. All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to better the services which we provide to the community. No amount is too small. If every user of TradeSkillMaster donated even a small amount, the possibilities of what we could offer to the community in terms of features, contests, and utilities would be endless.

You can currently support TradeSkillMaster in two ways!

1) Directly donate through PayPal or Bitcoin

The suggested donation amount is $10. All donations go directly (minus fees) into the TSM account.

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2) Purchase through our affiliates

The Consortium (http://stormspire.net) is the gold standard (pun intended) when it comes to WoW gold making forums and have been generous enough to host the official TSM forums since TSM was first created. They have recently created an excellent gold-making guide which we highly recommend. Click on the image below to see more information about this guide. TradeSkillMaster receives a percentage of all sales via this affiliate link. This is a win-win-win since you get an excellent gold-making guide, The Consortium can fund awesome prizes for their contests, and you support the development of the TradeSkillMaster addon, website, and application!