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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
TBC BoE Armor - Back10/16/202128
Flask of Relentless Assault10/16/202138
Flask of Pure Death10/16/202128
Flask of Mighty Restoration10/16/202116
Flask of Fortification10/16/202117
Flask of Blinding Light Materials10/16/202117
Brilliant Wizard Oil Mats10/16/202119
Flask of Blinding Light Materials10/16/202117
Resistance Armor Kit10/15/202112
Spectral power flaskMaterials for crafting power flask10/15/202115
Spectral power flaskMaterial required for crafting Spectral flasks of power10/15/202112
Weapon Oil Mats10/15/202121
Engineering Toys10/14/202126
Enchanted Mats10/14/202142
BOE Gear10/14/202152
Lesser Planar10/14/202118
Greater Planar10/14/202120