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{wod} [BOE] >Trinket<08/16/2015519
{wod} [BOE] >Two-Hand<08/16/2015506
{wod} [BOE] >Waist<08/16/2015472
{wod} [BOE] >Wrist<08/16/2015468
{wod} [Mats] >Fleisch><08/16/2015512
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*Vendor DumpBoP items to sell to vendor09/07/2020362
/. Leg11/08/2020196
/. Leg11/08/2020194
/. Leg11/08/2020200
#Shadowland consumable shopping list12/16/2020324
+20 agility / +20 spirit06/26/2021156
+20 hit / +20 spirit06/26/2021143