*Updated for 9.1* All Shadowlands Items that can be crafted by the Alchemy Profession - Pots and Flasks<br /> <br /> Updated June 30th 2021

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
400g 01s 72c
155g 64s 70c
184g 74s 38c
28g 88s 73c
169g 03s 18c
134g 76s 37c
129g 23s 95c
122g 92s 37c
265g 46s 49c
30g 32s 34c
281g 45s 66c
52g 81s 04c
186g 95s 70c
108g 49s 53c
43g 43s 61c
170g 17s 73c
20g 82s 71c
180g 48s 70c
139g 84s 08c
119g 01s 69c
9g 30s 83c
35g 86s 35c