*Updated for 9.1* All Shadowlands Craftable Legendary White Items<br /> <br /> **Warning it only allows me to add the ilvl 175 items o here from wowhead, i have not tested it to sell the higher ilvl ranks<br /> <br /> Updated June 30th 2021<br /> <br />

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
3,203g 06s 48c
602g 10s 18c
1,855g 63s 29c
2,964g 47s 19c
661g 64s 38c
1,174g 97s 78c
4,051g 37s 79c
1,873g 33s 63c
2,555g 43s 87c
2,669g 25s 70c
4,286g 35s 50c
661g 37s 95c
1,764g 57s 73c
1,799g 47s 90c
4,100g 01s 73c
1,470g 75s 41c
3,624g 23s 13c
2,813g 85s 74c
2,953g 92s 00c
2,647g 21s 79c
603g 49s 52c
3,349g 61s 18c
4,515g 46s 34c
3,649g 55s 20c
2,749g 23s 88c
3,753g 52s 47c
1,383g 69s 57c
4,494g 82s 82c
2,284g 18s 26c
1,150g 72s 83c
3,966g 14s 84c
2,926g 22s 66c
1,572g 84s 14c
1,360g 33s 42c
1,309g 31s 83c