*Updated for 9.1* All Shadowlands Craftable Legendary White Items<br /> <br /> **Warning it only allows me to add the ilvl 175 items o here from wowhead, i have not tested it to sell the higher ilvl ranks<br /> <br /> Updated June 30th 2021<br /> <br />

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
4,196g 14s 36c
578g 42s 75c
1,646g 82s 40c
1,496g 25s 67c
490g 06s 18c
715g 62s 00c
1,752g 26s 59c
727g 98s 13c
673g 27s 71c
1,752g 88s 75c
1,728g 33s 79c
738g 37s 10c
1,367g 67s 28c
1,230g 04s 47c
1,527g 85s 66c
1,497g 34s 21c
3,176g 53s 50c
3,098g 41s 68c
2,330g 77s 46c
861g 97s 08c
301g 77s 92c
2,660g 07s 20c
1,174g 59s 72c
3,470g 31s 07c
1,507g 53s 42c
1,515g 90s 35c
993g 99s 94c
2,038g 75s 93c
1,211g 25s 79c
986g 45s 98c
726g 52s 81c
3,202g 04s 29c
524g 64s 12c
616g 73s 71c
289g 40s 65c