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[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Boots]10/06/2019135
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Bracers]10/06/2019139
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Chest]10/06/2019126
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Gloves]10/06/2019122
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Helmets]10/06/2019128
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Legs]10/06/2019127
[WoW Classic - BOE Plate Shoulders]10/06/2019131
[WoW Classic - BOE Polearms]10/06/2019134
[WoW Classic - BOE Rings]10/06/2019194
[WoW Classic - BOE Shields]10/06/2019157
[WoW Classic - BOE Staff's]10/06/2019122
[WoW Classic - BOE Trinkets][WoW Classic ...] Groups are created by Guild-Blaumeux NA10/06/2019172
[WoW Classic - BOE Wands]10/06/2019137
[WoW Classic - Cloth]Classic WoW Cloth. (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA)10/06/2019174
[WoW Classic - Consumables]Quest/Edibles/Keys/etc... Items in this group are not necessarily items that...10/06/2019277
[WoW Classic - Containers]10/06/2019161
[WoW Classic - Cooking Recipes]Cooking Recipes located around Classic WoW. BoP and BoE are...10/06/2019203
[WoW Classic - Devices]Typical of Engineering in WoW Classic...10/06/2019138
[WoW Classic - Elemental Trade Goods]10/06/2019209
[WoW Classic - Elixirs](Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA).10/06/2019191