Rare items in Classic WoW that are Bind on Equipped. (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA).

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
8,127g 05s 14c
26,981g 81s 80c
6,425g 60s 15c
1,978g 92s 20c
67,657g 03s 37c
39,995g 33s 23c
493g 92s 92c
385,739g 91s 89c
411,832g 36s 76c
358,345g 50s 72c
16,026g 63s 85c
263,167g 00s 41c
121,779g 82s 22c
19,176g 51s 83c
254g 79s 05c
39,699g 00s 81c
29,129g 66s 18c
16,678g 78s 59c
1,097g 44s 84c
20,557g 29s 61c
152g 26s 98c
6,191g 13s 27c
8,793g 12s 99c
113,440g 02s 41c
1,669g 47s 81c
1,543g 45s 31c
39,695g 20s 40c
195g 42s 28c
38,034g 57s 50c
16,818g 43s 33c
415,867g 56s 22c
10,012g 62s 36c
11,204g 89s 58c
474g 87s 95c
416,190g 61s 26c
1,603g 61s 63c
10,766g 39s 72c
415,951g 48s 19c
123g 77s 66c
415,244g 84s 31c
29,245g 61s 26c
16,805g 87s 96c
4,471g 29s 46c
376,050g 51s 89c
10,079g 70s 78c
2,682g 13s 40c
11,495g 17s 09c
6,594g 56s 13c
353,478g 10s 45c
414g 20s 16c
4,140g 05s 53c
16,265g 91s 44c
415,110g 27s 37c
210,714g 04s 90c
397g 66s 76c
868g 59s 20c
1,032g 76s 91c
360,955g 21s 02c
42,661g 09s 78c
380,805g 90s 36c
4,378g 12s 13c
29,400g 98s 71c
11,337g 02s 85c
415,161g 28s 60c
61,210g 18s 41c
42,511g 33s 21c
31,748g 73s 43c
45,191g 36s 46c
17,164g 26s 87c
397,062g 83s 91c
24,630g 67s 40c
2,501g 48s 09c
576g 89s 61c
52,029g 21s 94c
2,978g 69s 10c
1,515g 47s 32c
5,312g 63s 81c
22,480g 88s 75c
3,662g 25s 34c
359,757g 83s 94c
11,343g 68s 57c
7,526g 06s 12c
18,413g 91s 42c
5,611g 64s 62c
2,498g 18s 96c
5,729g 39s 00c
733g 77s 93c
2,316g 16s 62c
6,275g 29s 56c
276,391g 72s 58c
17,268g 23s 42c
364,894g 77s 68c
415,863g 34s 43c
3,173g 25s 56c
2,226g 43s 62c
377,028g 48s 63c
3,906g 85s 49c
18,215g 05s 59c
21,827g 52s 15c

More than 100 items are in this group. Only displaying the first 100 items.