Rare items in Classic WoW that are Bind on Equipped. (Group created by Guild-Blaumeux NA).

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
7,387g 77s 75c
15,246g 13s 95c
5,964g 25s 22c
3,301g 79s 95c
22,185g 04s 19c
30,348g 17s 58c
550g 72s 23c
134,140g 74s 09c
352,798g 73s 82c
169,953g 51s 15c
13,743g 18s 79c
204,096g 16s 16c
30,565g 19s 84c
15,462g 01s 43c
834g 46s 68c
37,785g 21s 86c
24,987g 13s 43c
16,838g 25s 20c
1,030g 98s 98c
21,916g 96s 67c
175g 89s 54c
7,047g 07s 90c
7,130g 12s 78c
122,769g 47s 15c
1,601g 90s 61c
2,074g 87s 86c
22,976g 51s 62c
211g 06s 99c
20,337g 11s 73c
8,080g 79s 69c
372,308g 83s 65c
10,880g 72s 91c
13,450g 90s 97c
575g 53s 31c
423,644g 01s 44c
415,937g 51s 69c
2,100g 64s 51c
8,031g 84s 34c
415,067g 50s 31c
221g 79s 24c
268,123g 92s 46c
122,252g 36s 89c
20,000g 74s 63c
4,976g 53s 29c
184,815g 04s 44c
9,840g 86s 26c
2,575g 44s 85c
11,233g 36s 13c
4,919g 29s 41c
312,683g 08s 81c
449g 81s 08c
3,429g 99s 78c
9,269g 03s 48c
295,405g 63s 81c
243,095g 46s 47c
486g 62s 05c
642g 72s 58c
915g 10s 26c
230,525g 95s 85c
53,259g 60s 98c
356,664g 55s 06c
3,947g 38s 29c
18,676g 36s 17c
5,818g 77s 42c
360,887g 13s 62c
309,622g 00s 18c
45,965g 45s 66c
42,486g 82s 10c
26,127g 55s 34c
14,573g 15s 73c
271,930g 23s 54c
10,965g 07s 40c
4,824g 09s 96c
978g 32s 34c
31,919g 46s 66c
3,407g 82s 56c
2,441g 28s 31c
5,312g 66s 51c
22,254g 30s 80c
5,447g 08s 18c
123,856g 90s 44c
18,923g 68s 60c
6,664g 62s 89c
18,171g 67s 21c
7,625g 80s 49c
2,698g 78s 54c
4,977g 16s 32c
1,436g 50s 44c
4,001g 11s 59c
3,872g 73s 09c
90,014g 11s 27c
14,744g 89s 26c
361,815g 72s 81c
136,424g 87s 09c
3,426g 88s 91c
2,644g 93s 11c
79,524g 79s 27c
6,194g 95s 35c
14,182g 48s 62c
38,382g 83s 96c

More than 100 items are in this group. Only displaying the first 100 items.