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Battle Pets Sellable, non-crafted,not bought from NPCs07/28/20201572
9.2 Sepulcher of the First Ones BoEA group of all of the BoE drops from Sepulcher...03/02/20221570
TBC Enchanting06/04/20211569
Island Expedition Weapon XMOG09/20/20181552
Legion Fish03/25/20171548
WotLK Ores10/02/20221544
Dragonflight: EnchantingGroup of all enchantments and materials. Don't worry about the...12/01/20221542
TBC BOE Green06/02/20211540
Legion Leatherworking MatsAll Legion Leatherworking mats except for Blood of Sargeras.01/13/20171537
Wotlk Enchanting09/26/20221534
Trade Goods - JewelcraftingList from Wowhead 12/26/20171532
HerbalismHerbs list12/29/20171530
Classic Leathers04/03/20181529
Island Expedition Pets10/05/20181528
All HerbsIcecap 58 10 Drop, Vendor, Gathered Sorrowmoss 57 10 Drop,...07/03/20151526
Zul'Farrak BoE09/22/20171525
All Wrath GlyphsWrath Glyphs from Wowhead09/09/20221525
All BOE Mounts incl. [Strange Goop]All BOE mounts vanilla - SL05/29/20221523
Crafting Reagents>Alchemy>Herbs>Shadowlands12/28/20211521
Classic Alchemy MatsAll Herbs and other Materials used in Alchemy Recipes in...09/28/20191521