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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
8.3 Herbalism04/27/20201628
WotLK Crystallized & Eternal Elementals10/02/20221626
All PetsPets to be sold 11/28/20211626
LockboxAll the lockboxes that require lock picking. This is to...02/05/20151616
shadowlands mats11/24/20201613
Legion fishes09/03/20161610
TBC Alchemy07/19/20211602
Dealer Najeeb Swipe01/19/20161599
Ny'alotha BoEs01/22/20201595
Classic BagsAll Bags off classic09/04/20191593
old mats09/14/20171592
Classic Cloth12/21/20171579
Legion Food01/07/20171576
WotLK Meta GemsWrath Meta Gem Cuts08/05/20171575
Obliterum RelatedItems related to Obliterum quests, or materials.10/13/20161564
Leather->TBCLeather mats introduced in The Burning Crusade07/05/20161563
TBC - Enchanting01/13/20221560
Island Expedition Pets01/03/20191560
Transmog SniperPick them up while its hot!12/12/20201552