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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
Classic Herbs03/08/20231807
Tailoring SoDTailoring SoD12/17/20231805
BfA - Cloth07/14/20181797
TBC herbs01/28/20181797
easily sold pets12/11/20161795
TBC Enchanting 04/03/20211794
Classic Herbs10/26/20211793
Legion Ores06/16/20171786
9.1 Sanctum of Domination BoEA group of all of the BoE drops from Sanctum...07/04/20211783
WotLK Crystallized & Eternal Elementals10/02/20221783
Mounts and Pets12/30/20211778
Classic Enchanting11/26/20191777
Shadowlands Leatherworking (ALL)10/16/20201770
BFA BOE greens08/18/20181768
Legion - Cooking03/07/20171767
Legion Mats01/15/20171761
All Pets02/01/20231760
SL MATSAll11/24/20201747
JC - TBCJewelcrafting items from The Burning Crusade11/20/20151741
All PetsPets to be sold 11/28/20211740