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Item Global Market Value
910g 29s 10c
2,007g 68s 35c
729g 96s 77c
1,006g 61s 03c
588g 78s 89c
427g 05s 50c
393g 11s 48c
2,853g 07s 46c
1,772g 08s 10c
558g 42s 67c
422g 36s 77c
208g 67s 63c
173g 31s 29c
2,593g 36s 48c
2,840g 33s 44c
6,435g 61s 45c
221g 70s 03c
820g 73s 16c
136g 19s 83c
107g 84s 93c
415,199g 83s 38c
415,956g 69s 97c
4,760g 64s 85c
52,555g 50s 10c
416,528g 24s 76c
415,534g 26s 57c
37,265g 29s 23c
408,464g 33s 13c
10,965g 21s 52c
369,293g 84s 77c
5,480g 31s 22c
8,397g 32s 74c
9,377g 11s 32c
19,950g 91s 67c
2,010g 37s 05c
10,707g 76s 20c
6,240g 39s 75c
7,579g 63s 34c
7,562g 13s 38c
33,465g 20s 50c
594g 16s 67c
15,810g 79s 63c
5,243g 49s 07c
27,384g 90s 68c
522g 59s 99c
4,603g 57s 87c
18,130g 88s 67c
5,366g 16s 51c
8,716g 36s 98c
3,120g 85s 55c
11,171g 51s 51c
979g 90s 26c
1,425g 95s 70c
1,655g 57s 91c
6,077g 51s 20c
1,446g 01s 70c
903g 91s 99c
2,626g 12s 78c
406g 13s 56c
2,423g 24s 50c
1,623g 88s 98c
1,417g 31s 91c
801g 92s 63c
457g 47s 14c
666g 58s 52c
2,499g 62s 08c
2,666g 75s 14c
2,895g 57s 39c
4,500g 40s 69c
8,235g 35s 79c
1,266g 62s 07c
931g 50s 89c
701g 12s 69c
964g 04s 65c
1,068g 73s 63c
564g 01s 19c
14,926g 82s 25c
12,067g 33s 31c
1,976g 78s 51c
11,574g 25s 42c
2,507g 91s 86c
2,539g 08s 73c
1,603g 44s 30c
628g 94s 13c
1,997g 51s 71c
4,775g 76s 23c
2,502g 83s 35c
4,358g 55s 70c
4,812g 78s 59c
3,231g 23s 93c
623g 97s 27c
2,529g 40s 16c
2,968g 83s 10c
711g 24s 36c
4,598g 30s 32c
1,821g 03s 24c
915g 26s 44c
472g 48s 50c
488g 38s 33c
935g 01s 48c

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