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Item Global Market Value
1,677g 01s 01c
2,508g 38s 67c
822g 05s 25c
2,652g 56s 26c
1,077g 85s 90c
554g 40s 59c
491g 27s 98c
3,526g 66s 10c
3,447g 27s 41c
1,260g 23s 04c
588g 15s 83c
177g 36s 55c
220g 31s 74c
3,077g 80s 28c
5,011g 09s 66c
7,689g 85s 51c
341g 25s 91c
849g 11s 24c
196g 08s 02c
203g 86s 34c
383,662g 32s 11c
380,455g 37s 89c
5,179g 80s 32c
38,209g 29s 14c
417,358g 79s 90c
416,285g 83s 67c
19,532g 18s 05c
375,118g 26s 94c
8,890g 74s 27c
232,674g 91s 48c
7,156g 99s 20c
8,339g 38s 48c
9,205g 99s 30c
32,989g 37s 97c
3,642g 36s 24c
14,149g 01s 23c
7,247g 20s 23c
15,717g 22s 61c
8,126g 28s 73c
38,041g 04s 38c
690g 37s 49c
22,022g 85s 74c
6,208g 85s 50c
51,240g 40s 15c
825g 98s 28c
6,587g 28s 33c
24,878g 60s 31c
5,155g 22s 64c
10,588g 24s 17c
2,720g 30s 47c
11,034g 26s 14c
978g 18s 49c
1,969g 89s 24c
1,647g 67s 36c
8,913g 12s 77c
2,354g 29s 25c
1,928g 82s 91c
4,258g 13s 22c
609g 51s 23c
2,360g 21s 11c
2,327g 17s 86c
2,514g 51s 74c
1,149g 48s 23c
931g 48s 93c
1,319g 91s 15c
3,247g 85s 72c
3,401g 90s 95c
3,376g 63s 72c
5,135g 19s 91c
11,028g 06s 62c
1,987g 58s 81c
1,895g 22s 53c
1,153g 15s 11c
1,301g 61s 75c
1,211g 26s 59c
884g 76s 75c
15,379g 97s 99c
12,817g 00s 94c
2,547g 95s 28c
15,613g 25s 07c
3,482g 47s 32c
3,662g 38s 95c
2,503g 43s 05c
1,101g 14s 13c
2,934g 02s 61c
6,306g 43s 41c
3,632g 32s 46c
7,875g 88s 89c
7,349g 21s 53c
2,363g 15s 34c
1,672g 55s 50c
3,072g 40s 25c
3,892g 67s 90c
1,439g 49s 06c
6,537g 69s 10c
2,765g 98s 32c
1,480g 95s 94c
908g 26s 78c
785g 90s 03c
2,489g 50s 20c

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