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TBC / Classic Items (Most of them)NEED SORTING!!! !!! Items NOT included !!!: Food and Drinks,...06/10/2021161
TBC - Enchant 300-374 Mats06/10/202187
Mining Sniper06/10/202181
Enchanting Sniping06/10/202159
Fish Sniper06/10/202143
Metals and Ore06/10/202145
Earthstorm DiamondBreakdown of Earthstorm Diamond/Crafting Cost06/10/202134
Hunter Consumes06/10/202131
Primal MightBreakdown of Primal Might/Crafting Cost06/10/202159
FoodsFoods for crafting06/10/202140
T4 Resto Prebis06/10/202128
T4 Cat Prebis06/10/202111
T4 Boomkin Prebis06/10/202117
T4 Bear Prebis06/10/202115
ItemsList of leatherworking crafted items - classic tBC06/10/202123
Shadowlands Mining06/10/202125
Skyfire diamond06/10/202133