Items used to gain reputation with Cenarion Circle and complete quests in Silithus. Completing these quests also earns a Cenarion Logistics Badge

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
13g 94s 62c
384g 88s 11c
3,324g 57s 17c
340g 20s 25c
335g 74s 97c
43g 05s 88c
33g 44s 29c
15g 47s 12c
9g 15s 29c
3g 77s 44c
121g 40s 20c
20g 26s 49c
3,511g 83s 12c
84g 61s 72c
53g 44s 35c
4,494g 50s 10c
38g 40s 93c
98g 20s 32c
47g 90s 41c
85g 75s 70c
384g 72s 28c
1,759g 96s 41c
146g 93s 11c
33g 98s 85c
14,314g 29s 35c