Items used to gain reputation with Cenarion Circle and complete quests in Silithus. Completing these quests also earns a Cenarion Logistics Badge

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
14g 73s 97c
441g 11s 89c
162g 94s 40c
198g 02s 64c
96g 74s 15c
40g 18s 46c
15g 85s 04c
6g 06s 81c
5g 14s 13c
1g 94s 79c
121g 40s 20c
10g 44s 79c
3,048g 55s 99c
56g 17s 56c
64g 08s 17c
2,651g 85s 34c
24g 73s 82c
52g 46s 42c
43g 82s 52c
56g 87s 80c
389g 16s 34c
1,160g 45s 75c
14g 12s 64c
20g 24s 08c
21,579g 75s 24c