Items used to gain reputation with Cenarion Circle and complete quests in Silithus. Completing these quests also earns a Cenarion Logistics Badge

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
6g 20s 45c
877g 64s 38c
384g 59s 85c
179g 09s 55c
16g 78s 48c
14g 07s 85c
24g 76s 74c
3g 74s 66c
4g 37s 17c
1g 55s 12c
121g 40s 20c
9g 99s 12c
3,117g 70s 53c
50g 15s 16c
30g 17s 53c
4,257g 38s 47c
19g 36s 02c
64g 12s 30c
26g 11s 38c
41g 88s 14c
317g 80s 67c
973g 60s 91c
5g 74s 00c
12g 57s 41c
15,037g 13s 57c