BFA alchemy items that are able to be sold on AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
284g 83s 71c
1,078g 09s 11c
362g 31s 52c
1,017g 06s 37c
1,101g 63s 53c
104g 72s 41c
12,424g 57s 31c
120g 86s 41c
531g 74s 79c
401g 96s 17c
651g 07s 48c
17g 07s 02c
399g 38s 36c
203g 26s 87c
468g 78s 32c
19g 65s 92c
109g 44s 69c
656g 03s 25c
110g 58s 17c
456g 80s 76c
6g 51s 74c
85g 19s 29c
9g 85s 27c
1,021g 08s 12c
57g 76s 80c
103g 51s 93c
12g 70s 53c
125g 54s 42c
407g 20s 36c
74g 74s 87c
14g 34s 10c
240g 27s 57c
9,718g 30s 32c
3,751g 19s 25c
2,582g 79s 46c
94g 88s 21c
434g 34s 63c
335g 99s 32c