BFA alchemy items that are able to be sold on AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
263g 29s 07c
937g 35s 80c
295g 05s 00c
889g 39s 57c
938g 42s 03c
94g 22s 37c
16,626g 64s 60c
166g 83s 04c
608g 12s 65c
285g 44s 01c
712g 10s 57c
18g 54s 88c
283g 96s 88c
121g 60s 08c
321g 74s 49c
21g 58s 04c
63g 49s 29c
698g 87s 99c
93g 39s 04c
334g 71s 46c
7g 29s 66c
95g 93s 48c
7g 25s 44c
1,048g 22s 66c
55g 06s 54c
83g 80s 59c
14g 50s 17c
79g 18s 98c
479g 02s 26c
94g 52s 59c
17g 20s 04c
230g 51s 71c
16,913g 63s 51c
6,117g 45s 02c
3,355g 34s 09c
70g 19s 58c
592g 58s 47c
310g 00s 1c