IMPORTANT NOTE: This list may contain itens from previous or next expansions. This occur due to innitial levels of a expansion being the final levels of the previous one.<br /> This list is based on Wowhead's BoE Leather Head.<br /> Have any feedback? Send to

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
1,054g 42s 13c
14,668g 99s 27c
34,920g 59s 77c
21,204g 98s 76c
2,026g 61s 88c
1,270g 08s 34c
2,477g 01s 17c
1,031g 16s 50c
574g 37s 58c
1,095g 94s 88c
377g 11s 41c
174g 05s 25c
6,167g 84s 37c
143g 90s 63c
116g 51s 52c
31,899g 74s 13c
214g 80s 71c
98g 59s 73c
15,169g 35s 65c
11,628g 42s 64c
80,761g 67s 81c
55,000g 19s 00c
1,285g 32s 01c
225g 29s 36c
70,378g 12s 11c
86,422g 50s 75c
36,905g 21s 62c
19,758g 18s 77c