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Item Global Market Value
128,544g 28s 46c
5,971g 97s 33c
10,351g 35s 35c
193,572g 05s 15c
4,234g 71s 11c
2,374g 97s 18c
1,131g 37s 58c
13,578g 10s 25c
349g 23s 23c
415,430g 56s 53c
207g 29s 52c
32,671g 44s 95c
1,251g 21s 71c
344g 52s 74c
801g 21s 30c
5,200g 26s 16c
3,822g 53s 27c
452g 58s 75c
143,676g 75s 26c
45,044g 55s 15c
1,182g 62s 87c
37g 74s 89c
463g 79s 00c
18,283g 57s 86c
49,518g 83s 25c
2,778g 33s 46c
6,258g 76s 74c
6,616g 19s 34c
243g 74s 67c
132,570g 72s 98c
499g 34s 58c
196g 00s 36c
179,978g 53s 42c
145,990g 62s 35c
12,120g 19s 74c
41,891g 85s 53c
62,006g 32s 23c
115g 03s 93c
79,198g 35s 17c
428g 82s 50c
39,388g 92s 29c
83,983g 74s 65c
112g 84s 87c
42,387g 27s 26c
4,787g 21s 39c
301g 14s 81c
630g 62s 58c
34,908g 07s 13c
65,678g 16s 15c
228,869g 96s 64c
1,142g 83s 64c
9,231g 31s 26c
184,983g 78s 97c
1,019g 52s 98c
415,474g 18s 87c
199,764g 79s 07c
143g 78s 00c
604g 10s 45c
193g 31s 22c
191,664g 10s 73c
8,895g 79s 00c
3,860g 28s 61c
418g 60s 86c
8,165g 06s 08c
101,486g 51s 07c
43,656g 73s 90c
883g 08s 21c
70,517g 42s 18c
126,893g 78s 56c
171g 52s 13c
412g 38s 70c
5,497g 06s 85c
106,259g 56s 99c
4,445g 36s 52c
357g 42s 05c
1,023g 92s 85c
7,569g 53s 54c
1,223g 31s 21c
334g 79s 00c
136,854g 94s 12c
2,697g 40s 38c
38,874g 88s 53c
5,359g 19s 39c
12,364g 91s 19c
68,902g 12s 45c
32,252g 94s 53c
4,149g 17s 50c
121,315g 23s 09c
639g 66s 03c
247g 31s 76c
32,118g 98s 50c
71,875g 89s 33c
65,409g 06s 62c
88,929g 11s 30c
65,538g 42s 16c
13,935g 07s 75c
107,321g 15s 06c
58,912g 53s 15c
315,450g 95s 32c
39,368g 86s 78c

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