Wanted to make a list of BiS consumables for raiding in Classic WoW- for flipping or something

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
9,824g 59s 80c
183g 15s 07c
7,215g 91s 60c
1,118g 16s 98c
4,750g 72s 73c
5,354g 38s 17c
2,021g 84s 10c
196g 70s 35c
90,293g 53s 20c
213g 62s 78c
1,434g 57s 94c
7,759g 68s 72c
831g 43s 72c
67,930g 43s 83c
9,528g 70s 46c
1,539g 71s 47c
528g 85s 80c
4,227g 14s 11c
811g 05s 23c
1,955g 31s 19c
7,741g 72s 99c
1g 42s 67c
179g 48s 24c
4,890g 69s 27c
1,256g 58s 57c
21,656g 42s 37c
503g 12s 54c
462g 74s 19c
773g 49s 92c