Wanted to make a list of BiS consumables for raiding in Classic WoW- for flipping or something

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
8,778g 48s 99c
47g 12s 82c
6,831g 08s 56c
519g 44s 36c
1,150g 57s 19c
2,937g 01s 79c
1,466g 25s 82c
151g 03s 95c
85,693g 67s 44c
103g 89s 15c
651g 05s 65c
2,628g 87s 26c
185g 24s 96c
94g 12s 65c
9,869g 96s 11c
1,098g 97s 38c
10g 22s 99c
2,887g 50s 75c
439g 76s 83c
4,306g 38s 85c
2,666g 32s 65c
1g 92s 43c
98g 59s 73c
6,013g 89s 10c
294g 38s 22c
27,874g 46s 22c
70g 93s 06c
62g 99s 63c
192g 13s 05c