All weapons in WoW classic available to horde that are non-BoP.

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Item Global Market Value
1,910g 46s 99c
8,089g 54s 18c
53,997g 85s 59c
64,089g 59s 97c
42,014g 14s 37c
56g 82s 08c
6,217g 67s 89c
39,995g 33s 23c
597g 18s 90c
61,989g 73s 24c
24g 43s 20c
36,689g 53s 68c
90,899g 48s 15c
9,475g 09s 82c
411,832g 36s 76c
110,342g 35s 69c
2,978g 69s 10c
3,738g 30s 01c
1,515g 47s 32c
5,450g 19s 60c
1,934g 24s 21c
2,501g 48s 09c
46,115g 56s 86c
42,661g 09s 78c
128g 65s 96c
101,964g 46s 69c
32,601g 83s 75c
2,538g 52s 78c
138,238g 86s 34c
3,550g 85s 00c
1,100g 65s 40c
2,972g 21s 40c
112g 05s 18c
105,156g 95s 12c
376,050g 51s 89c
6,408g 69s 25c
25,333g 66s 99c
416,190g 61s 26c
4,471g 29s 46c
267g 39s 80c
6,708g 97s 13c
41,138g 49s 48c
30,482g 70s 40c
131,340g 23s 11c
359,413g 30s 34c
417,265g 62s 58c
4,829g 71s 15c
3,662g 25s 34c
3,156g 93s 05c
16,026g 63s 85c
148g 88s 25c
16,124g 97s 94c
29,129g 66s 18c
11,337g 02s 85c
5,328g 83s 52c
66,898g 11s 40c
2,662g 00s 86c
30,279g 77s 56c
11,343g 68s 57c
75,976g 81s 01c
2,176g 52s 77c
5,376g 69s 47c
370,927g 99s 01c
577g 90s 82c
225,345g 19s 60c
2,460g 81s 78c
10,012g 62s 36c
12,911g 05s 99c
4,077g 33s 38c
6,592g 64s 50c
50,467g 35s 71c
9,985g 18s 29c
10,139g 11s 59c
24,986g 78s 46c
2,316g 16s 62c
61,360g 30s 05c
19,814g 73s 80c
1,925g 17s 47c
415,270g 77s 52c
18,768g 16s 23c
60g 94s 99c
119,465g 70s 26c
50,318g 46s 76c
283,087g 37s 50c
2,454g 54s 61c
66,066g 71s 46c
14,704g 02s 57c
41,386g 88s 91c
69,418g 37s 78c
416,164g 10s 22c
360,955g 21s 02c
1,306g 58s 77c
105,864g 44s 59c
2,804g 76s 93c
11,504g 75s 74c
415,201g 18s 34c
8,847g 71s 24c
48,578g 91s 34c

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