All weapons in WoW classic available to horde that are non-BoP.

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Item Global Market Value
1,060g 66s 55c
3,468g 80s 59c
19,256g 45s 61c
23,514g 84s 44c
28,439g 65s 89c
155g 98s 53c
4,270g 48s 31c
27,493g 25s 60c
302g 65s 00c
47,443g 47s 62c
28g 57s 36c
16,928g 68s 90c
38,524g 90s 25c
6,733g 78s 54c
355,918g 03s 14c
109,092g 24s 63c
2,883g 73s 42c
4,752g 16s 90c
2,067g 58s 79c
5,903g 75s 64c
2,943g 18s 86c
3,780g 87s 24c
7,481g 97s 50c
44,228g 71s 06c
190g 08s 11c
46,986g 15s 79c
6,029g 97s 37c
2,466g 73s 63c
21,572g 33s 44c
3,065g 50s 22c
2,198g 73s 59c
3,478g 79s 34c
69g 08s 39c
15,354g 21s 15c
116,168g 08s 67c
5,327g 51s 07c
9,813g 07s 32c
416,218g 89s 61c
4,422g 56s 09c
150g 79s 63c
5,795g 85s 49c
11,428g 62s 79c
10,654g 23s 11c
52,413g 91s 96c
358,955g 69s 01c
371,789g 31s 94c
4,420g 75s 20c
4,793g 47s 41c
2,603g 57s 62c
13,064g 15s 35c
167g 53s 94c
7,946g 63s 86c
22,025g 62s 84c
5,177g 48s 99c
4,702g 16s 79c
17,916g 83s 27c
3,119g 94s 16c
9,508g 14s 71c
19,029g 42s 40c
24,936g 05s 57c
2,542g 19s 62c
4,322g 37s 73c
50,787g 49s 02c
1,241g 06s 61c
164,333g 54s 99c
3,526g 93s 87c
8,827g 36s 21c
8,379g 61s 11c
4,814g 20s 33c
4,469g 76s 88c
13,266g 32s 59c
5,001g 36s 23c
9,062g 29s 04c
5,286g 58s 83c
2,195g 97s 69c
8,418g 01s 14c
13,673g 42s 10c
2,557g 99s 95c
319,475g 81s 04c
12,030g 36s 63c
115g 73s 30c
152,262g 06s 55c
17,101g 06s 50c
107,089g 32s 48c
3,074g 71s 04c
19,537g 56s 77c
9,142g 99s 40c
59,627g 74s 39c
60,513g 54s 00c
328,158g 10s 45c
193,378g 82s 93c
1,352g 50s 10c
22,045g 83s 40c
3,444g 02s 11c
7,160g 73s 30c
398,531g 52s 43c
6,593g 21s 47c
21,341g 81s 21c

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