All weapons in WoW classic available to horde that are non-BoP.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
239g 27s 63c
3,542g 05s 57c
10,168g 04s 82c
41,145g 58s 03c
28,428g 63s 52c
112g 69s 44c
2,704g 25s 08c
20,717g 91s 26c
531g 79s 50c
34,339g 44s 70c
65g 14s 72c
12,848g 60s 20c
32,843g 44s 47c
3,286g 97s 06c
158,215g 72s 29c
120,171g 62s 40c
2,304g 35s 40c
6,639g 84s 11c
1,399g 27s 79c
4,381g 14s 42c
3,487g 97s 79c
2,758g 91s 58c
5,002g 37s 79c
27,348g 09s 23c
269g 51s 69c
23,768g 64s 77c
3,954g 25s 40c
1,779g 26s 39c
16,882g 80s 25c
2,422g 55s 52c
3,689g 43s 28c
2,587g 91s 05c
197g 47s 31c
9,786g 45s 57c
93,109g 03s 25c
3,681g 51s 48c
6,194g 66s 73c
416,566g 93s 32c
3,904g 34s 93c
194g 50s 53c
3,636g 37s 93c
8,372g 40s 78c
6,287g 90s 53c
27,195g 33s 13c
362,342g 32s 79c
231,996g 74s 63c
2,433g 81s 11c
2,763g 36s 08c
2,074g 96s 00c
11,682g 41s 95c
346g 45s 16c
3,833g 47s 18c
26,004g 00s 92c
4,560g 13s 65c
4,071g 84s 84c
11,225g 69s 56c
2,178g 58s 90c
8,216g 25s 15c
9,772g 74s 13c
20,423g 60s 36c
1,192g 04s 68c
3,538g 71s 63c
20,090g 37s 07c
446g 27s 33c
100,478g 95s 77c
2,159g 38s 86c
6,390g 28s 67c
7,891g 83s 56c
2,841g 02s 67c
3,568g 36s 45c
8,021g 56s 11c
3,873g 24s 82c
8,069g 31s 45c
4,815g 42s 02c
2,101g 71s 61c
5,055g 29s 00c
6,553g 88s 11c
1,541g 28s 32c
185,309g 44s 67c
8,052g 57s 88c
154g 45s 77c
208,702g 13s 23c
37,164g 95s 63c
45,645g 32s 43c
2,028g 92s 09c
9,081g 89s 31c
4,908g 98s 83c
47,266g 86s 22c
73,813g 91s 45c
240,596g 55s 62c
177,220g 20s 71c
696g 59s 24c
13,627g 28s 80c
2,019g 86s 02c
4,467g 63s 32c
351,158g 11s 82c
4,576g 38s 02c
17,560g 88s 32c
1,949g 67s 41c
216,986g 64s 34c
14,674g 64s 97c
2,994g 72s 84c
12,576g 97s 26c
16,530g 17s 68c
27,032g 05s 52c
4,966g 23s 03c
4,028g 58s 92c
1,933g 04s 15c
16,199g 83s 39c
2,014g 78s 41c
941g 10s 63c
16,019g 48s 30c
237,192g 31s 73c
6,536g 57s 62c
159,341g 54s 19c
1,898g 01s 05c
8,337g 84s 50c
7,638g 26s 87c
33,531g 25s 10c
141g 89s 08c
93,465g 83s 02c
7,869g 63s 20c
130,369g 33s 43c
3,232g 18s 85c
3,783g 47s 57c
71,123g 83s 50c
16,016g 26s 34c
402g 53s 34c
40,228g 64s 22c
2,766g 40s 83c
2,670g 15s 44c
441g 46s 70c
2,211g 21s 90c
47g 47s 61c
66,364g 22s 26c
112g 97s 21c
4,293g 28s 00c
1,718g 98s 78c
16,164g 32s 72c
28,916g 20s 09c
401g 60s 92c
12,934g 60s 06c
10,188g 86s 70c
16,910g 95s 87c
104,787g 50s 93c
1,829g 20s 94c
487g 42s 06c
5,088g 96s 80c
1,398g 37s 56c
22,239g 74s 76c
95g 59s 04c
5,209g 32s 29c
1,086g 98s 01c
543g 80s 99c
412,269g 76s 29c
1,265g 10s 52c
171g 18s 87c
3,306g 47s 23c
108g 29s 05c
35,219g 10s 91c
23,096g 24s 27c
13,981g 30s 41c
37,092g 86s 26c
26,344g 64s 19c
3,495g 02s 07c
17,723g 51s 81c
3,077g 86s 01c
407,558g 19s 55c
17,048g 79s 27c
502g 07s 12c
6,728g 60s 98c
8,888g 06s 29c
997g 37s 29c
4,196g 02s 05c
163,775g 43s 65c
13,432g 06s 33c
387g 07s 62c
86g 57s 00c
30,196g 26s 37c
62g 50s 27c
11,109g 99s 40c
385g 93s 51c
141g 59s 96c
3,438g 39s 33c
3,219g 34s 71c
384g 58s 04c
539g 70s 16c
39,093g 70s 41c
1,750g 29s 74c
5,655g 18s 68c
9,464g 04s 36c
291g 55s 38c
117g 27s 30c
97g 47s 63c
1,988g 42s 08c
38,917g 24s 78c
1,563g 60s 14c
3,660g 47s 69c
3,650g 34s 26c
2,364g 61s 02c
9,525g 83s 65c
1,756g 28s 29c
2,265g 06s 91c
350,989g 86s 24c
109,674g 60s 48c
427g 21s 38c
219,955g 83s 48c
396,625g 16s 59c
79g 54s 07c
4,815g 65s 62c
106,096g 03s 17c
7,432g 66s 02c
8,674g 49s 51c
1,886g 08s 33c
7,284g 61s 39c
29,982g 00s 69c
1,899g 75s 77c
4,967g 68s 77c
4,660g 16s 56c
42g 86s 08c
36,003g 00s 69c
359g 54s 88c
5,199g 64s 46c
1,186g 87s 75c
1,352g 68s 66c
4,483g 64s 40c
12,475g 33s 10c
225g 39s 55c
239g 19s 60c
273,904g 81s 65c
356,978g 66s 37c
30,000g 10s 43c
1,573g 31s 69c
238g 07s 99c
1,483g 67s 99c
94g 08s 90c
3,675g 61s 14c
890g 60s 57c
877g 34s 08c
1,962g 43s 73c
4,286g 58s 17c
249,934g 56s 16c
3,375g 83s 61c
5,683g 06s 72c
2,591g 12s 36c
35,961g 15s 16c
581g 50s 74c
141g 39s 01c
322g 68s 28c
735g 72s 04c
41,623g 87s 87c
388,062g 82s 50c
25,294g 75s 06c
160,801g 05s 67c
473g 66s 23c
343g 61s 30c
5,400g 82s 29c
94,664g 98s 67c
108,954g 23s 66c
729g 71s 13c
795g 69s 37c
100g 72s 50c
155g 57s 23c
147g 73s 45c
6,277g 36s 05c
411,154g 38s 21c
11,432g 15s 25c
19,851g 98s 54c
416,818g 54s 17c
4,459g 60s 36c
140g 13s 71c
157,529g 64s 65c
1,834g 86s 24c
2,324g 76s 15c
450g 29s 00c
416,787g 96s 99c
362,377g 26s 02c
2,772g 94s 46c
357,345g 34s 60c
44,645g 34s 93c
213g 20s 39c
5,396g 77s 91c
4,344g 85s 04c
319g 82s 31c
1,693g 04s 35c
3,240g 31s 70c
105g 02s 87c
1,135g 78s 03c
135g 49s 26c
3,704g 80s 35c
3,631g 29s 19c
610g 43s 26c
7,877g 83s 01c
11,468g 24s 77c
245g 79s 26c
121,609g 82s 53c
162g 45s 96c
215,518g 12s 67c
396,129g 91s 36c
20,461g 81s 01c
9,785g 51s 35c
369,515g 36s 75c
465g 06s 60c
322g 73s 66c
64g 24s 39c
565g 33s 52c
6,151g 29s 21c
166g 17s 85c
27,785g 11s 29c
66,115g 18s 67c
1,860g 05s 49c
26,421g 76s 40c
198g 38s 78c
349g 72s 19c
351g 72s 35c
1,881g 75s 17c
21,710g 22s 65c
630g 70s 07c
415,106g 98s 08c
389,198g 68s 68c
173g 43s 26c
367,220g 59s 41c
884g 23s 41c
6,778g 67s 30c
37,122g 96s 98c
2,695g 20s 54c
2,427g 96s 52c
526g 70s 96c
375,188g 20s 42c
450g 19s 15c
270g 77s 85c
314g 87s 18c
2,705g 16s 34c
7,954g 08s 67c
16,887g 36s 57c
355,000g 04s 30c
206,002g 71s 50c
161g 16s 16c
131g 10s 55c
417,500g 00s 1c
111,405g 29s 71c
539g 62s 12c
364g 70s 08c
62,793g 30s 61c
106g 18s 82c
28,934g 06s 68c
6,154g 38s 46c
275g 89s 23c
359g 39s 34c
1,418g 30s 62c
375g 20s 61c
253,167g 31s 13c
34,465g 23s 70c
479g 57s 94c
4,091g 43s 25c
153g 05s 95c
168g 84s 64c
21,220g 42s 51c
344g 03s 25c
2,404g 41s 53c
72g 15s 61c
126g 52s 03c
190g 61s 60c
148g 42s 68c
3,366g 00s 88c
375g 75s 00c
233,086g 91s 17c
467g 24s 73c
3,228g 98s 69c
3,154g 38s 18c
2,221g 29s 21c
28,185g 77s 33c
280g 01s 86c
2,578g 12s 24c
141g 66s 38c
509g 31s 57c
174g 60s 02c
7,044g 28s 21c
417,788g 31s 39c
198g 72s 83c
231g 01s 24c
2,974g 09s 19c
21,376g 54s 82c
4,779g 16s 75c
69,584g 43s 08c
172g 54s 72c
7,952g 12s 24c
2,091g 35s 57c
10,294g 30s 87c
2,010g 57s 88c
859g 60s 04c
427g 82s 09c
365,704g 08s 74c
417,496g 12s 56c
370,063g 80s 01c
4,397g 07s 71c
140,192g 02s 98c
48g 53s 91c
4,055g 72s 50c
14,802g 13s 09c
344g 31s 47c
181g 65s 48c
415,685g 13s 56c
2,983g 62s 07c
211,807g 23s 42c
1,951g 35s 44c
4,657g 41s 62c
6,350g 70s 77c
1,257g 85s 17c
8,027g 03s 77c
6,987g 46s 51c
457g 98s 01c
3,930g 68s 20c
134g 45s 24c
995g 58s 54c
22,044g 53s 67c
406,173g 82s 71c
1,000g 20s 48c
3,296g 05s 49c
2,427g 82s 81c
1,499g 20s 50c
419g 50s 05c
5,403g 64s 29c
9,056g 90s 02c
15,809g 74s 00c
4,733g 70s 75c
1,756g 58s 86c
6,931g 87s 06c
2,145g 01s 10c
415,130g 09s 43c
243g 15s 63c
172g 28s 94c
389g 36s 76c
138g 80s 89c
165g 38s 99c
3,883g 81s 60c
558g 29s 10c
272g 71s 43c
60g 91s 15c
15,715g 42s 57c
354,210g 96s 80c
6,752g 83s 12c
2,534g 77s 78c
190g 19s 03c
133g 22s 37c
51,165g 62s 87c
1,554g 13s 16c
2,992g 67s 86c
845g 49s 08c
5,015g 93s 35c
343g 91s 13c
7,807g 10s 26c
1,209g 31s 57c
2,924g 90s 63c
8,123g 68s 24c
1,773g 75s 27c
312g 39s 49c
105g 00s 56c
1,857g 11s 79c
633g 91s 66c
121,556g 39s 47c
267,203g 63s 69c
10,296g 71s 11c
14,668g 51s 51c
11,680g 25s 18c
414,999g 94s 90c
9,127g 50s 96c
671g 27s 15c
325,498g 44s 58c
627g 39s 95c
769g 36s 07c
420,231g 52s 72c
414,999g 93s 90c
1,795g 37s 21c
2,193g 49s 55c
474g 63s 01c
365,990g 12s 70c
234,657g 20s 99c
375g 75s 81c
276g 35s 35c
160g 27s 90c
415,441g 56s 71c
257g 99s 42c
2,182g 18s 24c
3,617g 03s 79c
740g 86s 95c
1,795g 27s 75c
6,283g 44s 50c
415,603g 87s 52c
3,246g 72s 53c
1g 97s 06c
1,276g 94s 29c
384g 38s 09c
16,237g 00s 36c
462g 23s 60c
1,615g 96s 80c
1,513g 88s 40c
253g 09s 75c
352,747g 45s 25c
127,801g 06s 97c
95g 44s 95c
315g 82s 81c
256g 02s 49c
420,216g 48s 18c
118,927g 24s 75c
191g 31s 01c
325,348g 68s 40c
415,100g 99s 01c
4,822g 72s 75c
2,592g 96s 55c
2,341g 70s 10c
58s 07c
453g 57s 03c
50,000g 40s 00c
307g 54s 18c
573g 69s 76c
209g 16s 84c
3,083g 67s 75c
58,894g 75s 36c
803g 19s 27c
23,739g 31s 11c
21,251g 38s 87c
573g 16s 95c
442g 40s 04c
4,069g 88s 69c
15,151g 31s 73c
1,333g 61s 59c
107,947g 66s 67c
366,928g 73s 44c
266g 57s 49c
374,695g 16s 57c
3,537g 41s 26c
192g 63s 68c
9,302g 70s 33c
266g 61s 53c
2,044g 89s 20c
415,000g 00s 00c
1,861g 93s 52c
333g 16s 52c
1,307g 60s 64c
3,958g 14s 36c
357,077g 03s 44c
412g 86s 39c
185g 37s 45c
1,658g 86s 19c
3,345g 96s 58c
568g 07s 35c
415,785g 51s 03c
291g 70s 45c
282g 59s 56c
8,887g 84s 03c
7,009g 51s 54c
87,404g 27s 75c
125,654g 54s 89c
365,000g 00s 00c
1g 31s 43c
275g 44s 24c
3,432g 75s 58c
3,540g 95s 91c
5,571g 81s 51c
86g 35s 61c
2,112g 75s 02c
415,547g 03s 95c
1,021g 86s 31c
486g 72s 41c
243g 66s 19c
7,958g 91s 66c
1,147g 17s 63c
1,062g 50s 75c
387g 02s 02c
395,266g 77s 90c
350,522g 59s 59c
7g 64s 43c
502g 54s 00c
30,221g 32s 85c
231g 04s 38c
378g 93s 07c
407,490g 43s 49c
8,644g 05s 26c
1,028g 09s 60c
198g 69s 60c
9,719g 07s 01c
2,282g 34s 66c
415,033g 33s 33c
1,689g 24s 70c
360g 84s 24c
1,180g 42s 47c
185,578g 69s 00c
150g 73s 78c
3,458g 53s 18c
1,204g 77s 35c
323g 94s 68c
171g 79s 22c
9,941g 93s 61c
4,685g 04s 81c
355g 96s 78c
4,132g 57s 63c
374,999g 91s 30c
1,038g 86s 16c
2,910g 22s 51c
4,680g 46s 66c
19,203g 28s 15c
2,195g 90s 75c
17,964g 57s 38c
85,389g 87s 41c
15g 02s 58c
426g 69s 85c
266g 24s 39c
460g 79s 48c
132g 11s 94c
359,337g 22s 06c
4,198g 66s 71c
5g 66s 48c
1g 11s 21c
178g 69s 19c
272g 33s 74c
517g 23s 34c
180g 31s 33c
129g 78s 20c
18,570g 62s 30c
57s 90c
416,428g 91s 06c
436g 30s 23c
55,846g 41s 16c
135g 42s 18c
214,717g 96s 36c
3g 47s 62c
329g 03s 48c
80g 20s 54c
12g 21s 16c
864g 77s 17c
3,765g 98s 06c
137g 56s 70c
7,820g 04s 63c
13,637g 37s 99c
397g 83s 41c
7,989g 58s 04c
53g 40s 12c
3,231g 89s 15c
5,786g 82s 46c
106g 40s 32c
1,160g 71s 23c
908g 87s 89c
5g 68s 56c
68g 95s 76c
49,528g 84s 31c
236g 96s 42c
182g 71s 33c
289,866g 44s 71c
103g 55s 81c
1,943g 76s 84c
355g 20s 56c
482g 85s 43c
727g 52s 03c
1,523g 53s 90c
73s 34c
25g 02s 39c
2,249g 25s 95c
426g 11s 23c
1,804g 76s 66c
1g 37s 47c
737g 17s 28c
298,192g 70s 31c
6,207g 80s 77c
178g 13s 08c
197g 60s 49c
937g 23s 89c
2g 61s 91c
4,073g 26s 29c
22g 48s 99c
1,563g 44s 82c
214g 69s 21c
373g 22s 30c
3,300g 67s 56c
9g 05s 99c
4g 26s 76c
844g 79s 54c
22,125g 32s 21c
230g 23s 40c
3,017g 47s 23c
11,269g 59s 84c
4,752g 95s 13c
8g 48s 82c
6g 37s 62c
319g 61s 78c
10,666g 99s 32c
204g 89s 17c
309g 70s 20c
36,194g 26s 80c
11,269g 96s 60c
13g 26s 46c
360,000g 00s 00c
171g 09s 51c
18g 71s 72c
4g 06s 35c
320,166g 84s 29c
5,289g 94s 89c
5,389g 53s 44c
10,921g 78s 33c
520g 44s 15c
8,192g 39s 58c
2g 08s 82c
98s 11c
7,555g 33s 28c
137g 29s 39c
374,924g 36s 99c
280g 25s 05c
1,369g 50s 99c
132g 46s 32c
49,770g 50s 03c
87g 86s 47c
376,431g 10s 76c
243g 74s 54c
159g 42s 32c
25g 25s 53c
1g 18s 31c
44,949g 76s 52c
374g 96s 89c
225g 25s 09c
112g 05s 04c
383,745g 26s 28c
55,945g 86s 45c
541g 23s 79c
27g 73s 00c
572g 74s 18c
420,202g 80s 89c
71g 50s 20c
3,102g 10s 19c
6,619g 50s 05c
150g 87s 79c
183g 83s 54c
47,528g 39s 15c
1,630g 45s 15c
243g 66s 72c
52g 45s 96c
1,551g 38s 55c
18g 80s 16c
6,166g 84s 46c
29g 22s 72c
481g 13s 57c
146g 94s 01c
5g 18s 25c
2g 13s 59c
12,719g 90s 08c
32g 94s 79c
1,960g 44s 86c
31g 53s 52c
19,309g 58s 12c
8,529g 51s 53c
51,920g 62s 11c
488g 85s 67c
348g 75s 42c
506g 73s 37c
2g 94s 02c
5g 80s 13c
5g 89s 82c
69g 70s 50c
137g 29s 13c
148g 78s 90c
203g 24s 44c
201g 95s 17c
5,468g 88s 39c
1,782g 53s 37c
527g 29s 54c
282g 91s 21c
125g 42s 42c
2,572g 41s 76c
83g 76s 97c
34g 60s 41c
2g 97s 62c
4g 59s 26c
392g 76s 49c
66g 64s 15c
122g 04s 77c
294g 57s 11c
75g 57s 41c
89g 59s 74c
582g 22s 13c
591g 50s 34c
2,915g 03s 12c
4,095g 10s 45c
115,494g 49s 16c
111g 41s 08c
191g 39s 24c
776g 29s 86c
335g 85s 40c
166g 13s 43c
1g 49s 45c
511g 37s 37c
240g 74s 60c
10g 47s 90c