UPDATE: This is outdated now.<br /> <br /> All the most valuable BoE's in classic. Good for finding deals and flipping for huge profits.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
99,342g 12s 13c
3,814g 60s 46c
13,617g 06s 52c
266,978g 68s 95c
1,679g 78s 53c
2,733g 40s 61c
2,403g 65s 41c
2,564g 66s 32c
92,376g 26s 15c
415,339g 44s 19c
7,508g 10s 73c
416,305g 00s 21c
5,466g 69s 50c
3,201g 75s 42c
6,402g 61s 19c
397,460g 83s 74c
3,713g 82s 64c
8,324g 19s 88c
84,530g 42s 77c
4,283g 91s 86c
3,342g 42s 50c
2,331g 49s 79c
3,396g 28s 99c
313g 68s 63c
2,939g 97s 12c