UPDATE: This is outdated now.<br /> <br /> All the most valuable BoE's in classic. Good for finding deals and flipping for huge profits.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
68,487g 16s 67c
3,851g 49s 65c
14,282g 95s 36c
165,247g 31s 01c
1,801g 91s 16c
3,002g 38s 85c
2,320g 94s 59c
2,716g 54s 80c
90,980g 10s 68c
364,063g 10s 74c
7,647g 79s 56c
416,419g 40s 80c
5,413g 85s 01c
4,058g 11s 06c
6,233g 34s 12c
401,056g 35s 64c
3,764g 42s 54c
11,049g 59s 19c
119,938g 74s 80c
5,481g 83s 66c
2,655g 78s 86c
3,460g 65s 39c
3,196g 24s 72c
409g 87s 45c
3,547g 86s 94c