UPDATE: This is outdated now.<br /> <br /> All the most valuable BoE's in classic. Good for finding deals and flipping for huge profits.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
118,806g 03s 48c
7,234g 13s 77c
23,705g 11s 78c
354,449g 17s 98c
2,449g 06s 47c
3,502g 87s 86c
3,142g 22s 26c
4,007g 76s 79c
166,618g 71s 06c
415,444g 84s 33c
15,152g 66s 16c
416,556g 93s 03c
7,775g 97s 44c
4,538g 09s 74c
20,098g 71s 17c
415,133g 15s 57c
7,404g 30s 52c
14,034g 11s 46c
130,626g 24s 20c
8,706g 83s 55c
6,939g 99s 92c
5,806g 13s 58c
3,753g 38s 12c
547g 61s 39c
6,346g 82s 86c