Herbs from Classic to Wrath. May need to remove partial pieces from later expansions.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
10g 31s 50c
16g 52s 95c
20g 66s 38c
7g 09s 93c
22g 05s 16c
15g 87s 71c
47g 36s 41c
11g 38s 20c
29g 62s 05c
47g 23s 11c
16g 27s 06c
14g 23s 56c
11g 51s 07c
2g 38s 01c
3g 04s 79c
2g 57s 73c
4g 93s 86c
6g 32s 45c
5g 08s 16c
25g 16s 65c
158g 11s 19c
3g 44s 70c
20g 48s 28c
5g 26s 63c
1g 88s 87c
64g 87s 16c
6g 04s 34c
2g 95s 04c
8g 60s 61c
14g 64s 84c
2g 38s 05c
4g 05s 92c
3g 42s 13c
12g 05s 59c
10g 83s 21c
21g 08s 09c
18g 56s 35c
13g 01s 46c
10g 52s 01c
14g 80s 20c
12g 63s 05c
8g 31s 84c
8g 47s 76c
7g 48s 75c
550g 25s 89c
22g 93s 63c
25g 40s 08c
13g 24s 84c
108g 19s 25c
8g 29s 73c
28g 17s 44c
28g 52s 06c
36g 66s 14c
8g 78s 25c
12g 09s 20c
8g 18s 06c
10g 74s 98c
31g 87s 31c
178g 97s 48c
32g 41s 08c
141g 97s 10c
4g 77s 55c
24g 81s 44c
4g 32s 18c
56g 58s 30c
43g 47s 83c
9g 18s 86c
1,230g 24s 47c
1,166g 48s 83c
26g 11s 03c
22g 95s 22c
94g 28s 09c
57g 30s 07c
14g 73s 36c
7g 16s 18c
19g 46s 70c
69g 33s 71c
45g 77s 30c
20g 06s 83c
8g 42s 08c
24g 04s 43c
6g 41s 63c