Companions from Warlords of Draenor expansion. No profession created, No Bind on Pickup or Bind to Blizzard Account items.

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
1,273g 05s 80c
9,017g 97s 98c
29,647g 85s 53c
50,525g 72s 13c
62,680g 55s 57c
121,587g 45s 16c
110,100g 95s 83c
55,955g 17s 40c
8,478g 22s 84c
52,184g 74s 36c
78,970g 27s 62c
22,945g 47s 11c
93g 20s 26c
74,004g 85s 92c
93g 58s 67c
11,915g 80s 34c
7,658g 78s 29c
5,592g 64s 59c
30,542g 60s 02c
5,632g 16s 72c
28,205g 05s 57c
16,500g 65s 32c
15,396g 40s 80c
27,073g 05s 54c
5,312g 75s 77c
11,418g 24s 98c
17,542g 34s 21c
5,430g 90s 15c
9,814g 75s 52c
15,531g 94s 90c
24,915g 63s 82c
4,949g 11s 69c
29,893g 03s 35c
2,290g 41s 00c