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04. Cata Inscription - Tytan02/23/202337
Primalist BOAPrimalist BOA trinket, weapon, ring, necklace, cloak03/27/202337
Leatherworking DrumsJust drums, none of the other bullshit02/26/202337
Classic Tailoring Shoulders12/09/202237
JC REAGS01/01/202338
09. SL Elemental - Tytan02/23/202338
05. MoP Inscription - Tytan02/23/202338
Shadowlands BoEs - Cloth (Head)11/15/202238
Refreshing Healing Potion12/18/202238
02: The Burning Crusade: Herbalism - Xicuter02/28/202338
Classic Tailoring Pants12/09/202238
06: Warlords of Draenor: Skinning - Xicuter02/28/202338
Tailoring PVP DF02/19/202338
Northrend Tailoring Cloaks12/09/202238
Cataclysm Tailoring Belts12/30/202238
TBC - Uncommon Gear - Part 5Hands10/22/202239
Vanilla jewelcrafting03/13/202339
06. WoD Elemental - Tytan02/23/202339