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metals and stone06/19/202442
Voracity (Crystal Force)Green Power Crystal (10) Blue Power Crystal (10) 05/15/202442
Darkmoon Cards - PrismsAce through Eight of Prisms04/14/202444
Darkmoon Cards - MagesAce through Five of Mages04/14/202446
Darkmoon Cards - DemonsAce through Five of Demons04/14/202446
Cloth head04/21/202447
Cloth Legs ilvl 1-6004/21/202447
Darkmoon Cards - SwordsAce through Four of Swords04/14/202447
Darkmoon Cards - BlessingsAce through Eight of Blessings04/14/202448
Cloth Shoulders ilvl 1-6004/21/202448
Cloth Waist ivl 1-6004/21/202448
Cloth Feet ilvl 61-12004/21/202449
Flüchtige Elemente06/06/202449
Rare Cloth Waist ilvl 61-12004/22/202450
Cloth Head ilvl 1-6004/21/202450
PvP LW GearLW Crafted PvP Gear06/02/202451
Cloth Legs ilvl 61-12004/21/202451