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Engineer - Vanilla Armor02/23/20201
Blacksmithing BoE Gear up to Lich King02/23/20201
Group - Jewelcrafting BoE GEMS up to LK02/24/20201
Runecloth Bags02/24/20201
Runecloth Bags02/24/20201
Engineer - Vanilla Pets02/23/20202
Runecloth Bags02/24/20202
BFA Trade Goods02/24/20202
BfA: Blacksmithing02/24/20202
Engineering - BC Parts02/24/20202
BFA Herbs02/23/20203
Blacksmith - Vanilla Bracers02/23/20203
Dark Iron Crafted Armor02/23/20203
Blacksmith - Vanilla Enhancements02/23/20203
Engineer = Vanilla Parts02/23/20203
Old Content: ClothAll Cloth trade goods prior to BfA.02/24/20203
Vanilla Ores, Stones & Bars02/23/20204
BfA: Engineering02/24/20204