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WoD DecksThe completed decks created by scribes that will turn in...11/08/2014373
WoD JokersThe joker cards scribes will make that will turn into...11/08/2014371
WoD PaintsThe paints crafted by scribes.11/08/2014356
WoD BloodBlood obtained from garrisons in WoD daily.11/08/2014415
WoD PigmentThe pigments milled from herbs in WoD.11/08/2014390
WoD HerbsHerbs found in WoD.11/08/2014428
WoD InkThe inks created by scribes in WoD.11/08/2014378
WoD Scribe WeaponsThe weapons made by scribes in WoD.11/08/2014398
WoD Omen CardsThe Mysterious Fortune Cards of WoD.11/08/2014412
WoD Ocean TarotThe low level trinkets made by scribes.11/08/2014395
WoD Laughing TarotThe mid level trinkets made by scribes.11/08/2014373
WoD Savage TarotThe high level trinkets made by scribes.11/08/2014402
WoD Volatile CrystalThe crystals created by scribes to reroll secondary stats on...11/08/2014386
nicht mehr im spiel 11/08/2014442
prof WOD enchanting scroollist of the scrool made by enchanter in WOD11/08/2014475
reagent Enchant Matreagent Enchanting mat for WOD11/08/2014411
reagent WOD Elementallist of the sorcerous elemental from WOD11/08/2014398
reagent WOD Cloth11/08/2014532