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Eternal Palace BoE Trash Drops07/04/20193915
Everything else removed;crs=2:2:2:2:2;crv=0:0:0:0:0#0-201/28/20163871
Dragonflight Enchanting11/27/20223853
Classic Engineering Crafted ItemsItems crafted by the Engineering Profession08/29/20193850
BfA Tailoring07/18/20183848
5-10k Pets11/07/20163840
Shadowlands Alchemy11/26/20203801
BoE transmog Sold by Vendors Can be posted on the AH, sometimes 100 times the...08/01/20173797
Shadowlands - Enchanting 10/19/20203744
WoW Cloth AllIncludes WoD+Legion Cloth02/20/20173668
Legion MatsAll the mats that can be bought from the BoS...10/28/20163607
WotLK Reagents Ability/Profession08/31/20223549
Follower Equipment BFA09/10/20183529
legion crafting materialsleather, herbs, cloth, enchant, jewelcrafting, cooking01/09/20183519
Dragonflight Cloth11/27/20223501
Battle PetsBattle Pets02/26/20183484
BFA AlchemyItems crafted through alchemy in Battle for Azeroth08/12/20183454
Warfront Contribution itemsShit we need for warfronts08/20/20183454
Trade Goods - EnchantingList from Wowhead12/26/20173446
BFA Gems08/17/20183445