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Battle pets / Drop11/10/20174240
TBC Classic JC 1-300--- - - --- - - --- - - ---...10/29/20204189
Classic TailoringAll items made with Tailoring09/02/20194152
Shadowlands Ore09/25/20204144
Glyphs(not set)10/20/20144127
8.2 Enchanting06/27/20194113
BFA InscriptionAll BFA Inscription08/19/20184082
Darkmoon Faire Quest Items(not set)10/31/20144063
BFA 8.3 Cooking02/15/20203866
All reagentsMaster list of all in-game non-equipable profession reagents 02/19/20163829
Eternal Palace BoE Trash Drops07/04/20193749
BfA Tailoring07/18/20183737
5-10k Pets11/07/20163730
Shadowlands Alchemy11/26/20203685
Wow Classic Twink Gear09/05/20193665
Dragonflight MiningDragonflight Mining materials as of 7/21/202207/21/20223588
Classic Cloth08/22/20193575
Classic Engineering Crafted ItemsItems crafted by the Engineering Profession08/29/20193545
Shadowlands - Enchanting 10/19/20203527