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57-70 BoE Greens (Burning Crusade)This group contains every uncommon "green" items bound on equip...06/30/20161227
BfA 8.3 Cooking raw matsNew raw mats for cooking from patch 8.305/06/20201222
Classic Tailoring Bagsit works08/30/20191218
Shadowlands 9.2 - Optional Crafting Reagents03/02/20221218
Classic Alchemy Recipes08/05/20161218
Legion Gems12/08/20161217
All pets08/26/20211215
TBC Recipes;1:2:1:2;0:0:1:0 (skipped non-recipes05/30/20211212
Shadowlands Enchanting MatsAs featured in Wowhead10/31/20201210
TBC Classic - Alchemy05/29/20211207
TBC Launch: Crafting Investment (Comprehensive)All TBC crafting mats investments as of 1/11/2101/12/20211206
Transmog Items05/07/20171206
BFA TailoringItems crafted through tailoring in Battle for Azeroth08/12/20181205
Important Flipping BFA Mats02/19/20191204
TBC Classic Ores08/26/20211204
All EnchantsAll permanent enchantments12/13/20171203
Herb 110/14/20161202
Craft reagents06/24/20161198
Crafted Mounts 7.2.0All craftable mounts05/11/20171196