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Classic Alchemy08/05/20161256
Comprehensive list of unobtainable itemsContaining over 300 items, this list is pretty much complete...11/04/20171255
Containers - BagsContainers - Bags | Source Wowhead01/26/20171255
1-60 BoE Green Items (Vanilla items)This group has every green Bind-on-Equip which requires levels from...06/28/20161254
Classic EngineeringAll items made with engineering09/02/20191254
Classic Enchanting 04/03/20211253
Classic Enchanting10/26/20211252
Battle Pets Imported11/19/20201252
10: Dragonflight: Mining - XicuterNeeds more sorting02/28/20231250
All Pre Legion Herbs - No PartsAll COMPLETE herbs from the game before Legion. Useful for...10/26/20171250
Shadowlands Legendary Bases12/12/20201249
Epic Gems09/13/20171247
WotLK Rare GemsWotLK Blue Quality Gems08/04/20171246
Legion Darkmoon Decks / Trinkets01/07/20171241
Castle Nathria BOEsAll of Castle Nathria's BOEs12/08/20201241
TBC Potions06/05/20211241
[TSM3] WoD Raw MatsHerbs, Ore, Dust, Fur, Leather, etc. (No raw meat or...12/07/20151237
Mining SoD Ph1Mining SoD Ph112/17/20231236
WOTLK Enchanting09/25/20221230
Cosmetic Armor Transmog by Vérnon01/01/20221229