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Dragonflight: EnchantingGroup of all enchantments and materials. Don't worry about the...12/01/20221417
Legion Gems03/04/20181417
New Battle pets03/13/20191416
Island Xmog01/31/20191406
cageable pets 2020 v205/17/20201405
Legion MatsThis is a list of materials for crafting in Legion07/22/20171403
All Classic BoE WeaponsAll available Classic BoE Weapons03/03/20201393
*9.1 Updated* All Shadowlands Alchemy - Pots and Flasks*Updated for 9.1* All Shadowlands Items that can be crafted...06/30/20211386
Slash Classic EnchantingEnchanting mats in Classic WoW09/13/20191379
TBC gemsAll TBC gems07/25/20191378
TBC - Trade Goods10/17/20211376
Legion alchemy raid flasks/pots11/10/20161375
Classic Cooking mats All the cooking mats from classic08/01/20181373
Legion Ore10/19/20161371
Unsullied Gear TokensUnsullied Gear Tokens For easy mailing to consolidate in one...09/18/20171368
Battle Pets - 11/202011/15/20201366
Cageable Pets02/13/20221358
TBC Meta GemsTBC Meta Gem Cuts08/05/20171356