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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
Patch 8.2 Reagents06/27/20192062
BFA Enchanting Mats01/01/20192059
Legion BOE Epics10/05/20162056
All Itens Classic Sniper theNIlrem 2020theNILREM "FULL MY SCAN ITENS"10/09/20202050
BFA 8.1 New Island Expedition Transmog Gear12/14/20182043
All Pets05/13/20222035
WotLK Jewelcrafting Gems10/01/20222035
Legion food 37510/12/20162019
Archaeology Fragments03/11/20162016
Cagable battle pets02/17/20182013
All BoE MountsAll BoE Mounts from Vanilla - SL.02/20/20221998
Classic Mining (Ore & Stone)Classic items gathered with mining03/23/20201990
Transmog Shirts01/19/20161988
Bfa Greens08/15/20181986
Legion - Jewelcrafting03/07/20171985
Expensive BFA PETS11/05/20181984
All mats BFA05/18/20201982
BFA InscriptionItems crafted through inscription in Battle for Azeroth08/12/20181981
ToysList from Wowhead of toys that are unbound on pickup12/27/20171981
Herbs, Shadowlands11/17/20201977