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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
SOD P1 BOE12/18/20232546
TBC Enchanting Mats07/27/20192519
WotLK BOE Gear;1:3:1:2:12;0:0:0:0:0 (Selected Green, Blue/Purple seperately)08/12/20222514
Castle Nathria BoEA simple group of all of the BoE drops from...12/16/20202513
Legion Consumables(2)Make more $$$10/03/20172505
Transmog High Value05/30/20232488
8.3 Alchemy02/19/20202486
All Ore - Vanilla - BFA12/29/20182482
Crafting-Inscription (WotLK Glyphs)12/11/20142454
Items to Flip in Classic WoW07/03/20202450
Warfront Contribution ItemsThese items will be required for warfront contribution "daily" quests.09/06/20182443
BFA BoE Epics08/26/20182433
8.3 Pets01/15/20202431
Legion Enchant Mats10/19/20162427
Shadowlands Tailoring11/26/20202419
115 Ash Items09/18/20162411
Shadowlands Enchanting11/26/20202405
BFA 8.3 Inscription02/15/20202400
Legion - TwinkgearTwinkgear for 101 twinks10/16/20162380