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All Classic FishAll Classic Fish in one list (working)09/23/20192203
twink 101 boetwink 101 boe 09/04/20172202
Dragonflight Enchanting11/27/20222198
Argus Mats09/05/20172192
TBC Cloth05/24/20212185
Battle PetsBattle Pets that sell easily09/24/20162185
TBC Gems06/04/20212175
Legion Ore10/16/20162168
Battle Pets07/16/20172153
BfA Darkmoon Card Decks08/16/20182150
BFA Champion Equipment08/19/20182147
WOTLK Ores & Bars09/11/20222142
All HerbsThis is all the herbs.01/12/20192126
Skinning Leather12/08/20172120
all Legion herbs & seedsgenerated via wowhead, filtered out anything not ilvl101 to get...02/10/20172117
Classic LeatherworkingAll items made with Leatherworking09/02/20192105
Dragonflight Cloth11/27/20222100
TBC Rep06/04/20212087
Raw Legion GemsJems used for crafting10/31/20162068
Shadowlands Inscription11/26/20202066