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BfA Raw Mats07/18/201842948
TRANSMOG ITEMS LIST(not set)10/06/201436646
Classic dropsAll items used by Tailor, Engineer, Leatherwork and Blacksmith which...08/29/201931772
BFA HerbsHerbs added in Battle for Azeroth08/12/201827849
Classic Trade GoodsAll trade goods not crafted by a profession.09/02/201923143
Top Sellers08/13/201722677
8.3 Boes01/29/202019641
8.2 professions06/26/201919181
All Transmog 05/18/201818470
Stutt's list of all Green transmog BoEs (Part 1)*Contains items with an ilvl less than or equal to...10/09/201817812
All Crafting materialseverything lootable09/23/201717412
All transmogMAX 8.305/03/202016605
Top Sellers10/12/201615717
Mining / Ores12/23/201715686
all mats - consumables - top sellers - ATBT02/25/201814844
No longer in game!(not set)10/23/201414572
Snatch List - Recipes(not set)10/21/201414336
60 Classic Herbs08/26/201913932
BFA Mats08/13/201813354