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Classic - Alchemy - Crafted
Classic - Tailoring - Crafted
Classic - Engineering - Crafted
Classic - Engineering - Recipe
Classic - Alchemy - Recipe
Classic - Herbs
Classic - Tailoring - Recipe
Primal Molten Alloy12/03/202353
Speed/Magic Potion Mats12/02/202361
Dragonflight Weapon Cosmetics12/01/2023160
Dragonflight Armor Cosmetics12/01/2023134
Dragonflight Armor12/01/2023143
Dragonflight Weapons12/01/2023129
Profession Craftables (BoE) - ClassicClassic: BoE items that are craftable by a Profession. (non-crafting...11/29/2023263
Flip Enchants11/27/2023239
Legendary Axe Real11/27/2023131
Legendary Axe`11/27/202387