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Potion of treasure finding mats10/16/202023
Emerald Pigment - Herbs 3 - Jadefire Ink10/16/202012
Golden Pigment - Herbs 210/16/202012
Herbs 1Dusky Pigment10/16/20209
all herbs prior to shadowlands10/16/202077
BFA XMogs 1000-5,00010/16/202049
BFA XMogs 5,000-15,00010/16/202040
BFA XMogs 15k-50k10/16/202045
ALL GREENS ADDED BFA 9.010/16/202054
RARES ADDED BFA 9.010/16/202038
50,000 PLUS 10/16/202050
Epics added in BFA 9.0Selleable Epics added in BFA 9.010/16/202046
Shadowlands Leatherworking (ALL)10/16/202068
Shadowlands Trade Goods (ALL)10/16/202085
BfA herbsBfA herbs10/16/202073
Rav Alchamy10/16/202010
TBC prep.10/16/202024