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[Green] Talasite06/17/2021140
[Green] Talasite06/17/2021163
[JC] Blue Gems03/18/2021205
[JC] Blue Jewelry03/18/2021198
[JC] Green Gems03/18/2021204
[JC] Green Jewelry03/18/2021203
[JC] Low Level Greens09/18/2022105
[JC] T1 Shadowghast Jewelry03/18/2021199
[Legion] Herbs11/11/2020227
[LW] Consumables03/19/2021193
[LW] Desolate Greens03/18/2021210
[LW] Desolate Leather Armor03/18/2021215
[LW] Desolate Scale Armor03/18/2021220
[LW] Green Weapons03/18/2021205
[LW] Shadebound Armor03/18/2021255
[LW] Shadowscale Armor03/18/2021203
[LW] T1 Boneshatter Armor03/18/2021212
[LW] T1 Umbrahide Armor03/18/2021209
[MoP]All glyps and shoulder enchant02/14/2019440
[Shadowlands] Dépeçage11/17/2020238