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NameDescriptionCreatedView Count
Outland Enchanting07/30/202011
Outland Inscription 07/29/202015
Classic Inscription07/29/202024
Legion Enchants07/29/202022
Elixirslisting of all elixirs07/29/202020
Grey Dropped Armour07/29/202015
Classic - Obtained through fishing07/29/202027
Engineering Stuff07/29/202020
TBC Food07/29/202014
WoTLK Food07/29/202012
Cata Food07/29/202014
MoP Food07/29/202012
WoD Food07/29/202012
Food BFA07/29/202026
BoA Tailoring Items07/29/202017
Battle PetsSellable, non-crafted, bought from NPC07/28/202046
Battle Pets Sellable, non-crafted,not bought from NPCs07/28/202042
BFA Glyphs07/28/202021
Ore - as of 8.307/28/202055