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ALL CLOTH TBC09/05/2021152
Encantamentos itens encantados09/05/202129
Lingote de umbroermo ( ALQUIMIA )09/05/202127
Enchant Cloak - SubtletyEnchant Cloak - Subtlety09/05/202127
Crafting Reagents Pg 409/04/202151
Crafting Reagents Pg 309/04/202136
Crafting Reagents Pg209/04/202144
Crafting Reagents09/04/202179
Frost resistance plate green items (max proc)09/04/202143
Nature resistance leather green items (max proc)09/04/202136
Arcane resistance cloth green items (max proc)09/04/202133
Fire resistance cloth green items (max proc)09/04/202131
Cons Mage DPS TBC09/04/202155
mount and petZoo foog09/04/202190
Xmogs good mogs 09/04/202163
Herbs of ShadowlandsShadowlands herbs09/04/2021214
My Consumes09/04/202142