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Dragonflight El;ementals11/27/20222881
Classic Ore & Bars09/05/20192881
All Ores11/27/20162864
Tailoring Mats11/18/20172831
No Longer Obtainable10/13/20162822
BfA Epic BoE08/15/20182817
BFA MatsList of all BFA mats10/06/20182798
Inscription-All GlyphsAs of Legion - did not go through and confirm...11/10/20172796
BFA Fish08/21/20182789
Shadowlands Cooking Material11/26/20202763
Tbc InvestFeal Uber List to Get Rich in TBC02/14/20212736
ALL LEGION GEMS 09/08/20172723
All Transmogs09/05/20202718
WOTLK Ores & Bars09/11/20222715
8.3 Leatherworking01/19/20202703
TBC BoE BluesThis group contains all the rare "blues" introduced with patches...06/30/20162696
all transmog 04/30/20202695
Battle Pets v1All "companions" from Wowhead.04/30/20202693
Dragonflight Jewels11/27/20222682
8.3 Items01/27/20202680