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DF Lether04/23/20244
WOTLK Fury Warrior PVE Consumables04/23/20245
DF Ores04/23/20246
Cloth Head ilvl 1-6004/21/20247
Jewelcraft prefect WotLK04/22/20248
Cloth head04/21/20249
Rare Cloth Waist ilvl 61-12004/22/20249
Cloth Feet ilvl 61-12004/21/202410
Cloth Waist ivl 1-6004/21/202410
Rare Leather Feet ilvl 04/22/202410
Crafting Mats for Fyr'alath04/22/202410
Cloth Hands ilvl 1-6004/21/202410
Cloth Chest ilvl 1-6004/21/202410
Cloth Legs ilvl 1-6004/21/202411
Cloth Legs ilvl 61-12004/21/202412
Cloth Shoulders ilvl 1-6004/21/202412
Leather Wrist ilvl 1-6004/21/202414
Darkmoon Cards - BlessingsAce through Eight of Blessings04/14/202415
Darkmoon Cards - PrismsAce through Eight of Prisms04/14/202415