IMPORTANT NOTE: This list may contain itens from previous or next expansions. This occur due to innitial levels of a expansion being the final levels of the previous one.<br /> This list is based on Wowhead's BoE Leather Legs.<br /> Have any feedback? Send to

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
1,868g 76s 65c
842g 57s 57c
3,486g 02s 22c
1,383g 80s 41c
4,837g 32s 43c
1,516g 44s 79c
2,798g 24s 82c
3,624g 54s 75c
2,066g 52s 03c
2,680g 26s 18c
2,215g 85s 10c
2,617g 87s 30c
394g 99s 28c
5,963g 59s 32c
1,562g 96s 30c
13,072g 89s 51c
9,969g 62s 48c
15,170g 06s 70c
149g 69s 19c
970g 64s 20c
144g 60s 00c
1,370g 18s 68c
1,544g 75s 14c
996g 53s 42c
17,256g 37s 46c
24,505g 35s 37c
1,586g 63s 84c
43,221g 73s 99c
30,359g 56s 79c
3,147g 95s 30c
414g 38s 32c