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Item Global Market Value
8,127g 05s 14c
6,425g 60s 15c
5g 45s 61c
358,345g 50s 72c
6,191g 13s 27c
12,549g 52s 00c
117,888g 70s 65c
11g 60s 14c
11g 58s 43c
111g 67s 56c
8,793g 12s 99c
59g 54s 21c
16g 53s 06c
26g 30s 50c
10,766g 39s 72c
63g 91s 54c
13g 94s 36c
1g 64s 44c
20,996g 96s 45c
21,827g 52s 15c
11,495g 17s 09c
4,812g 06s 46c
13,399g 11s 39c
58g 85s 91c
367,525g 67s 27c
25s 00c
692g 47s 61c
5,729g 39s 00c
10,079g 70s 78c
376,253g 96s 51c
2,356g 43s 18c
17,164g 26s 87c
12,291g 06s 08c
3,657g 67s 53c
11,010g 86s 24c
494g 43s 88c
52,029g 21s 94c
1,039g 24s 67c
2,498g 18s 96c
377,722g 93s 30c
22,480g 88s 75c
158,531g 43s 20c
72,926g 92s 35c
8,963g 61s 54c
195g 40s 03c
391,017g 79s 27c
102g 63s 83c
6,383g 35s 91c
157g 28s 99c
415,692g 02s 93c
7,103g 47s 10c
65g 52s 61c
65g 43s 32c
8,067g 39s 92c
123,449g 30s 70c
58,146g 09s 59c
288g 43s 31c
241g 56s 83c
706g 70s 14c
17,244g 79s 90c
356,258g 82s 86c
18,800g 21s 61c
3,009g 52s 62c
1,353g 15s 36c
10,008g 25s 96c
35g 85s 22c
162,882g 77s 84c
8,043g 69s 34c
643g 65s 38c
330g 96s 03c
74,861g 29s 05c
316,539g 22s 57c
800g 54s 84c
220g 10s 90c
602g 61s 40c
4,639g 06s 47c
402g 86s 78c
16,190g 54s 61c
12,145g 10s 95c
292g 00s 96c
24,455g 50s 40c
9,042g 61s 95c
416,273g 38s 83c
8,946g 66s 45c
9,899g 26s 47c
232g 91s 67c
5,650g 11s 34c
35g 27s 96c
156,702g 75s 16c
2,002g 56s 07c
1,023g 32s 32c
415,027g 92s 03c
20,084g 63s 05c
939g 31s 08c
12,924g 77s 91c
11,056g 64s 03c
23,990g 06s 47c
314g 91s 25c
1,708g 41s 69c
4,695g 41s 51c

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