TradeSkillMaster 3.0 Changelog

Many months of development effort, planning, and testing have gone into making TSM3 the best addon we've ever created. Below, we've listed most of the changes coming with TSM3.

General / Core Changes

  • There have been many changes aimed at improving the user-experience of TSM for new and experienced users alike.
  • The default appearance/design settings have been slightly tweaked to give a nicer look to TSM.
  • All modules have been rewritten to be more reliable, less laggy, and more intuitive.
  • Help plates have been added to key frames across all modules.
  • The main TSM window has been significantly re-organized to make it easier to locate specific options and features. All modules have had their options cleaned up.
  • The default tooltip options have been significantly changed to cut back on the number of lines.
  • All settings will be automatically preserved from TSM2, with the following exceptions:
  • Tooltip options have been reset to default values. This includes making the TSM tooltip its own frame rather than embedded in the default tooltip.
  • Inventory data was wiped as it's now being tracked by TSM and not ItemTracker.
  • Multi-Account information was wiped
  • TSM_Crafting will clear any existing crafting queues and some profession data.
  • Many optimizations have been added to the scanning code of TSM to greatly improve scanning times. Some of these enhancements rely on AuctionDB data from the TSM Desktop Application to be available for the current realm. The key enhancement which are worth noting are:
  • Intelligently skipping pages containing identical auctions (i.e. if somebody posts hundreds of single-stack auctions).
  • The "Preparing Filter X/Y" stage of scanning has been removed completely.
  • The automatic combining of filters has been greatly enhanced to reduce the number of pages which need to be scanned.
  • Finding specific auctions (while buying) has been sped up significantly.
  • The filter box in the "Items" tab of groups now supports more advanced filters. This includes being able to filter by value.
  • By default, removing an item from a group now removes it from all groups. Holding "shift" will do the old behavior of leaving it in the parent group (if applicable).
  • Multi-account support has been completely redesigned and should now be much more reliable.
  • Once multiple accounts are configured, you can now easily send groups from one account to another.
  • The output of "/tsm sources" has been cleaned up.
  • The "Disenchant" custom price source has been removed and replaced with a more general "destroy" price source which takes into accounts all possible conversions.
  • A new "TSM Features" icon has been added to the TSM window.
  • All of the features from TSM_Additions can be found here.
  • Some new enhanced Twitter integration features have been added for those who have connected WoW with their Twitter account.
  • A new option has been added to protect the AH frame from closing when other frames are opened.
  • The TSM tooltips can now be configured to show only when a certain modifier key is pressed.
  • Modules will now be able to differentiate between different versions of WoD items (i.e. heroic/warforged and other bonuses).
  • A new slash command (/tsm profile) has been added for easy profile switching.
  • Clicking on a column header when adding items to a group will now toggle between different sets of items to be shown in that column.
  • Operation name tooltips can now be configured at a per-module level.
  • Tooltip options are now all stored per-profile.
  • All options for playing sounds have had their list of available sounds expanded.
  • If sounds are enabled and you are alt-tabbed out of the game the Wow client icon will now flash when the sound is played.
  • TSM auction house tabs can now be freely switched between without losing their current state. The only restriction is that only one may be performing a scan at a time.
  • Inventory tooltips will now color player names by class.
  • Auctions with bids are no longer counted for inventory purposes.
  • Bind-on-Account items can now be added to groups and are fully supported.
  • Support for battlepets has been standardized and greatly improved across all modules.
  • The settings for creating a scroll wheel macro have been moved to be under the new "TSM Features" icon and enhanced greatly. You can now easily include all commonly-used TSM buttons in the macro.
  • TSM will now include soulbound items in its inventory tracking (including tooltips).


  • Gold from garrison missions is now tracked as part of the "Other Income" tab.
  • A new "Failed Since Last Sale" column has been added to the "Items" tab.
  • The "Player Gold" tab now has a timeframe filter and shows guilds.
  • The "Summary" tab has a new timeframe filter.
  • Added Min sale / purchase price sources and added to tooltips.


  • Additions has been folded into the core addon and is no longer a module with TSM3.


  • Nothing new with TSM3


  • The number of auctions as of the last scan will now be shown in item tooltips.
  • The time since the last scan will now be colored depending on the age of the data in item tooltips.
  • Manual searches will now properly update minimum buyout data when TSM App data is present.
  • Battlepet prices will now be provided both via the desktop app and in-game scans.


  • Auctioning operations can now be set to not post an item after a certain number of expired auctions.
  • A new "Quick Post from Bags" button has been added to Auctioning's AH tab for quickly posting items without setting up groups/operations based on some very generic settings.
  • Shift-clicking on an row in the log during a post scan will now allow buying of auctions for that item through TSM_Shopping. Posting prices will be automatically re-calculated afterwards.
  • Auctioning can now be configured to play a sound once posting is complete (all confirmations are done).
  • The "Edit Post Price" box now allows changing the duration of the auction.
  • A "Don't Post Items" option has been added to the "When Above Maximum" dropdown
  • Added Bank and Guild Vault as additional Keep Quantity sources rather than just bags
  • BankUI Auction Tab Improvements:
  • Post Cap to Bags / AH Shortfall to Bags / Group to bags will respect the auction operations max expires setting and not move anything that has exceeded the number of max expires.
  • New buttons added to move anything that has exceeded the max expires setting to bank / bags respectively.
  • Move AH Shortfall to bags will now check current auctions of ALL players
  • Post Cap to Bags / AH Shortfall to Bags will take the operations keepQuantity and sources into account when moving items to your bags


  • The profession window will now exclude vendor-bought items when showing how many can be crafted.
  • A new option has been added for changing how the crafting queue is sorted.
  • The search bar in the "Crafts" tab of "/tsm crafting" now supports level and ilvl filters.
  • The Gathering feature has been completely redesigned:
  • Available sources are displayed for each item required and allow you to select which ones you want to gather from
  • For each item required it will display the quantity as (x/y) (selected source quantity / total quantity short) - short = not in crafter’s bags or reagent bank. These will be colored as follows:
  • green = selected enough without buying from auction house to meet demand
  • yellow = selected enough with buying from auction house to meet demand
  • red = not enough selected to meet demand
  • Sources include:
  • Crafter’s Bank / Guild Vault
  • Alts Bank / Guild Vault
  • Vendor
  • Vendor Trade (for Inks)
  • Auction House
  • Crafting
  • Transformation (lesser to greater etc)
  • Gathering Window is resizable
  • Added a new "Cooldowns" tab to the right of "Crafts" and "Materials" in the main TSM window for tracking profession cooldowns across characters. This includes the ability to set the profession window to automatically prompt to craft cooldowns upon opening.
  • Added an option for ‘Smart Crafting’ for quests.  This feature will cause the profession window to automatically prompt to craft items that are required for a quest that you are on upon opening.
  • Added buttons to reset default mat cost / craft value methods back to TSM defaults in crafting options.


  • Destroying will now be significantly faster and more consistent.
  • The Destroying window will now show item tooltips when hovering over rows.
  • Using the draenic mortar for milling is now supported.


  • ItemTracker has been folded into the core addon and is no longer a module with TSM3.


  • Mailing now opens mail substantially faster (and does so in reverse order).
  • The chat messages shown when opening mail have been completely re-written to be more concise and provide more useful details.
  • Added a new dropdown to select the sources to include in the restock option of Mailing operations.
  • Added a new option to specify a sound to play when opening mail is complete.
  • Holding the "Ctrl" key while clicking the button to mail items based on your groups will perform a dry-run, where nothing will be sent, but the resulting mails will be displayed in chat. This is useful for verifying your operations without actually mailing anything.
  • Added a new tab for Mailing to the BankUI.
  • Added a new option for the maximum quality of disenchantable items that will be sent using “Mail Disenchantables” - Uncommon, Rare or Epic. Default is Uncommon (green)
  • COD payments in the Inbox will now show price per item in brackets after the COD amount in the mail description.
  • Send excess gold to banker now respects the maximum of 200k gold per mail.


  • The layout of the Shopping AH tab has been completely redesigned to eliminate the sidebar frame.
  • Shopping searches now have two modes: "Normal" and "Crafting"
  • In "Crafting" mode, all types of conversions will be taking into account. This includes milling, prospecting, disenchanting, crafting, combining/splitting (i.e. for essences), and more!
  • "Crafting" mode supports multiple levels of conversions, allowing for the buying of herbs when searching for inks, for instance.
  • Bidding on auctions is now fully supported.
  • Shopping operations now have a "Max Restock Quantity" option.
  • The sniper scan has been greatly improved
  • Stopping the scan is no longer necessary for buying auctions. The scan will now automatically pause when the buyout confirmation window is opened, and automatically resume when it's closed.
  • A sound can be configured to be played when a new auction is found to snipe.
  • Whether or not to snipe based on Shopping operation max prices is now configured on a per-operation basis.
  • If a Shopping max price is applicable to an item while sniping, the generic custom price will no longer be applied.
  • Recent/Favorite searches can now be renamed and can include searches in both "Normal" and "Crafting" mode.
  • Shopping now properly shows the specific random enchant and bonuses for auctions in the results.
  • When posting items, the total deposit cost will now be displayed in the confirmation window.
  • Increased Maximum Disenchant search iLvl to 735


  • New tab added to merchant windows, akin to Mailing
  • Access to a repair button for vendors which allow it
  • Buy subtab shows items the vendor has for sale.
  • Already known or unusable items are denoted with red text on the quantity
  • Shift+left click for multiple quantities or right click to buy default stack size
  • Buyback subtab allows you to buyback items sold to a vendor
  • Groups subtab allows you to create buying and selling operations for groups
  • Buy Operation Settings:
  • Restock Qty: Number of an item you want to have
  • Restock Sources: Sources that will be considered in calculating how much of an item you have currently.
  • Sell Operation Settings:
  • Keep Quantity: Number of an item you want to keep in your bags
  • Min Expires: Minimum number of times an item has to expire for it to be sold
  • Market Value: Formula to determine an item’s market value
  • Max Market Value: If the item’s calculated market value exceeds this price, it will not be sold.
  • Destroy Value: Formula to determine and item’s destroy value
  • Max Destroy Value: If the item’s calculated destroy value exceeds this price, it will not be sold.
  • Sell Soulbound Items: If an item is soulbound it will not be sold unless this option is checked.
  • QuickSell subtab allows you to quickly sell items according to default rules
  • Grid will display items in your bags that have matched criteria. A ‘potential value’ is displayed which is the max of the calculated market value and calculated destroy value.
  • Quicksell Settings:
  • Batch Size: Number of items which will be sold per click.
  • Market Value: Formula to determine an item’s market value
  • Max Market Value: If the item’s calculated market value exceeds this price, it will not be sold.
  • Destroy Value: Formula to determine and item’s destroy value
  • Max Destroy Value: If the item’s calculated destroy value exceeds this price, it will not be sold.


  • Increased the number of operations allowed from 1 to 12 - this will allow the use of the ignore on character / faction-realms management functionality


  • Nothing new with TSM3