List of BiS items and alternatives for a lvl 39 warlock in Classic WoW.<br /> <br /> Most of the green items can have a random enchant on them. <br /> Try to go for the "shadow wrath" when possible. If not, then "of the eagle" is the next best option (int and stam)

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
17,610g 95s 21c
157g 97s 61c
10,418g 86s 53c
1,415g 26s 01c
847g 38s 46c
1,311g 66s 62c
1,220g 30s 12c
6,212g 68s 99c
3,725g 92s 41c
3,664g 66s 71c
1,377g 31s 49c
679g 45s 92c
105g 08s 20c
757g 41s 11c
1,889g 00s 39c
946g 42s 37c
847g 67s 02c
7,204g 46s 40c
539g 13s 98c
2,170g 92s 19c
1,585g 38s 14c
970g 76s 81c