All BFA food that is able to be sold on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
76g 12s 45c
54g 80s 19c
58g 04s 19c
3,662g 23s 97c
10g 06s 71c
37g 46s 84c
82g 74s 68c
471g 98s 91c
31g 74s 64c
2,265g 04s 44c
6g 01s 34c
111g 94s 22c
4g 51s 86c
9g 39s 38c
53g 54s 48c
207g 69s 83c
17g 38s 56c
2,302g 53s 85c
833g 23s 91c
7g 64s 92c
11g 06s 31c
17g 19s 41c
5g 38s 45c
11g 19s 74c
2g 76s 43c
12g 57s 10c