All BFA food that is able to be sold on the AH

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Items in this group

Item Global Market Value
48g 94s 01c
42g 24s 80c
80g 95s 51c
3,953g 49s 12c
7g 68s 93c
31g 74s 20c
54g 02s 78c
599g 88s 71c
24g 96s 00c
2,030g 97s 46c
5g 90s 62c
39g 73s 59c
2g 61s 05c
5g 84s 11c
44g 92s 69c
114g 09s 32c
20g 36s 19c
2,174g 51s 78c
572g 24s 50c
6g 15s 91c
5g 44s 34c
13g 03s 94c
7g 11s 72c
10g 18s 58c
2g 26s 80c
6g 50s 24c